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Monday September 14, 2009: The Day in Tubes

I e-mailed Versusplus about two weeks ago.

Dear Marcy,

I might be a pest, but I wrote an email and posted on your YouTube comments that I would love to see a new song about the freakshow anti health care reform. In the mean time, would it be possible to re-post “Heartless” and “It’s a Bird” on YouTube. They seem ever so relevant today.

Best wishes on your continued success,


Much to my pleasure, “Heartless” was posted again on YouTube today. Is this because of my letter? Hell yes!!!;~P Ok, maybe not, but I am so happy to post this here for all of you.

My pleasure (and rage) grew even more when I saw this posted by BraveNewFilms. In my honest opinion, Cigna is downright evil. Suffice it to say, they have done their best to ruin my life for profit. Yes, this is personal.

Hey, it is all about me, right;~?

Senator Susan Collins has weighed in on the public option and/or a trigger.

My response to the Senator? Fuck you Collins, you heartless bitch!

Senator Demented was having a blast this weekend.

I have a suggestion for the Senator: Leave Congress and keep on hanging with the freak show.

David Axlerod has some words for the tea bagging crowd.


Taking a break from the health care debate, I ran across this little gem. These are the sort of deeds and behavior that makes me ashamed to be an American.

And we wonder why the world has hated us so much.


  1. Hollede

    As Steve McMahon said on the Ed Show today:

    Republicans, they are the party of “No”, they’re the party of “Hell No”, and they are the party of “you lie”.

    At this point I find them to be utterly useless.

  2. Which is too bad, considering at one time America lauded Mossadeq

    We and the British conspired to overthrow the most democratic nation in the Middle East. And we installed a dictator who served our purposes, and perhaps if we acknowledged this, we might get somewhere not just with Iran, but with the Taliban and others.  The current mood in the Middle East is far from just hating our freedoms–heck, they wouldn’t mind a taste or two of them, if it weren’t for the nagging suspicion that they are false, and/or lead to political and  moral myopia–but from the blow back from policies that go back for more than half a century.

    The world doesn’t hate America. But we confuse a lot of folks across the globe. And trust is a far different thing, even for our allies.

    On one hand, we can rebuild nations that we’ve wrecked, and do so with smiles on our faces, and songs in our hearts. We can give enormously, and lend aid, even lay down lives for causes that we think are right.  Or at least convenient.  We have a great promise, and often live up to that promise as individuals or groups of citizens, and often fall far short as a government.  

    We say we love freedom, we say a lot of things, and then act exactly in the opposite manner. We are a desperately schizophrenic and conflicted nation.  And that makes us hard to trust.  Our economic clout has gotten us far, but if we don’t live up to the agreements we make, and the promises we make, even to our own citizens, then what good is our word?  

  3. including war, in the middle-east are all about oil is that we set that example in Iran. Our actions there to oust Mosaddeq and install the Shah were clearly about control of Iran’s oil. I’m surprised the Brits aren’t mad at us about that too. We engineered the coup ostensibly for British Petroleum and then double-crossed them in the end for the good of American oil companies. This isn’t some leftist fantasy, this is what happened.  

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