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Being Ill in America

I used to have a job. I have either gone to school and/or worked since I can remember. I have a couple of degrees and while I was getting them I worked at a vast array of jobs. Most of my jobs have been low paying. When I was younger, those were the kinds of jobs I could get and as I got older the work I did was designed to get me where I wanted to go, but were still fairly low paying.

I got my first “real job” working in my field about 14 years ago. I work in one of the “helping” profession, so while I was not going to get rich, I made a decent living.

That is until I got sick. That was when everything changed.

average Americans are putting up with our current system of health care. I am working on a diary of this nightmare with many more details, but I will give you a thumbnail image now.

Two years ago I was employed at a good job with great benefits. Then I got sick. I went on disability but lost my health care after I lost my job. My disability insurance was ok, enough to live on without too much difficulty. However I could not afford to pay almost half of that income for Cobra (what an apt name).

I proceeded to get sicker, had difficulty paying for medical care and