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reality television?

I know, a lot of you don’t think reality television can get an audience this season, given the entertaining realities being broadcast from political rallies, women’s health clinics, churches, talk shows, and cable news interviews, but let me tell you, this stuff just inspires game show producers, and they have some great shows coming soon, to the small screen next to your bed.

Keep these under your hats, dear Mooses, they’re supposed to be an October surprise. But, just happens that an intrepid investigative reporter who knows how to uncover stuff has leaked them to yours truly.

Here they are:

What Do You Fear?

This one, hosted by Lou Dobbs, finds out what each contestant fears most, and gives ’em what they fear.  There are the requisite snakes and heights, of course, but there are also armies of invading immigrants, cleaning, cooking, studying, way scary!!!  

Duck Hunting with Dick

In this one Dick Cheney takes a group of brave contestants duck hunting, last one without buckshot in the face wins.  First they’re just trailing along, and next they have to wear feather hats, and then they have to hide in bushes and jump out, and last they have to hold canaries on their pinkies.  There is a planned Roy Rogers filler just in case the contestants get shot up too fast.  

Dancing With the Blue Dogs

This is a new take on that old standard, the marathon dance. In this one contestants have to waltz with politicians until they don’t care about anything anymore, and won’t, ever again.  Hosted by Max Baucus.

Medicine or Placebo?

Sponsored by the pharm industry, sick patients who have no health care have to pick A or B, one’s a treatment that works, one’s a placebo.  It’s more like a standard makeover show, the show follows patients as they start to die.

How Far Will You Go

This one, also hosted by Dick Cheney, from his underground retreat, asks contestants to use torture to find the prize. The victim-contestant is hidden, so that the torturer-contestant can only hear the screams.  

There is a lot of excitement in Hollywood over these upcoming shows, that are designed to compete for the Glen Beck audience.  


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