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Daily Tubes for Wednesday August 26, 2009

A moving tribute to Senator Edward M Kennedy by Vice President Biden earlier today.

The Vice President brought me to tears.

President Obama also had a few words to say.

We have lost a great American today.

There seem to be a few folks making a lot of noise and trouble lately. I keep being shocked by images of these town hall meetings, that  continue to be disrupted by organized gangs of hooligans.

If you were able to endure the entire tube, you will have noticed that Terry chose to leave, despite the offer by Representative Moran to give him the first question, and allow him to have five minutes to speak his mind. He ran away. What a coward.

We are letting these thugs beat us? Shame on us!!!

So much is out there about Teddy Kennedy. However, I think that last years Democratic National Convention’s tribute to Teddy and speech by the Senator is very, very nice.

Which America do you want for our future? I like Teddy’s version.

August 26, 2009, the Day in 100 seconds.

Blessed Be.


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