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OH-Sen, KY-Sen: Democratic Senate Candidates Appeal to the Progressive Netroots

With the 2010 Senate races in Ohio and Kentucky featuring two of the most competitive Democratic primaries of the cycle, in two of the key Senate battleground states, Senate Guru contacted the Democratic primaries’ major candidates – in Ohio, Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher and Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner; in Kentucky, Lieutenant Governor Dan Mongiardo and state Attorney General Jack Conway – to ask them all one question:

Why should the progressive netroots support your campaign in you state’s 2010 Democratic Senate primary?

To see the Ohio candidates’ responses side-by-side, click here.  To see the Kentucky candidates’ responses side-by-side, click here.

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  1. HappyinVT

    based on her answers.  She was specific about what she supports and, as far as I’ve heard, has done a good job as SoS.  Coming in after Blackwell couldn’t have been easy.

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