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Daily Tubes for Monday August 17, 2009

I truly have been getting crabby lately over the nonsense on health care this past month. I am old enough to have watched this type of politics win over and over again. It is a brand of republican fear mongering that has worked for the past 40 years I have been politically aware.

What frustrates me the most, is that it succeeds more often than not.

It looks like Bill Mahr is pissed off as well.

Joe Klein is worried.

The fact is that we do have laws against threatening the President and members of Congress. And yet, do we feed the fuel of mistrust and even more treason, when we follow the correct procedures to protect our elected servants?

Monday August 17, 2009 in 100 seconds Did you think I forgot?

Rock on Howard Dean! If we just sit around and do not contact our United States Senate and House of Representatives and yes, even the White House, we will have failed our country. We cannot let the republican and blue dogs (wholly owned by the insurance companies) pull this shit again.

The time is now. We must flood the offices of the United States Senate and House of Representatives with letters and phone calls demanding an honest public option. Shut their offices down with the avalanche!

Sorry. I don’t usually do repeats, but Headzup hasn’t posted a new tube for a few days. I am getting worried. Matthew, are you ok?


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