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Slightly edited and re-posted from November 5, 2009. I was listening to Tavis Smiley this morning and was reminded of this earlier post. I will update with the clip from Morning Joe-Boy (or “Jughead” as Stewart calls him), if I can find a tube. Tavis rocks. I have liked him forever. And I really like Jughead. Heh.

Ask Not…  

by: Hollede

Wed Nov 05, 2008 at 16:24:19 PM EST

I have a couple of important issues that I want addressed by our new President. God, after eight long years, it feels so good to call someone President again. President Barack Hussein Obama.

However, I am going to skip over my desires and speak to something I think our new President needs. Something our country needs. Something our world needs.

We need you. I am taken back to JFK and his question to America. I think it applies now more than ever.

We need you. We got President Obama elected, but that was the easy part.

We need you. To change our country. To take our country back. To take our respect back. To take our Consitution back.

We need you. To make our elected servants do what they must for our country.

We need you. To make certain our media speaks to the truth.

We need you. To not let the haters win.

We need you. We are you, and together we can change the world.

**Updated with the Tavis Smiley interview.

I actually agree that President Obama   (2.00 / 3)

cannot do much more to raise awareness, dispel myths, and get a public option passed in the House and Senate. The fact is, that nothing will happen, unless we (and I mean the collective and exponential WE) get off of our assess, hit town halls and other public venues, get noticed by the media and politicians, and start seriously talking to those around us about the truth of American health care. President Obama did not get the Presidency by himself. Democrats did not get a super majority on their own. We put them there.

Now we must tell them what to do about health care. Now is the time to get back into action. The networks are all in place, we simply have to turn the switch on. Did anyone really think this was going to be easy? However, if just a fraction of the collective we that got President Obama elected throw ourselves back into the fray, we can make the republicans and corporate interests look like the lunatic fringe they are.

Break time is over folk. Get the fuck back to work.

I like Smiley, because he is able to get to the point so succinctly, and he is right on target very often.