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Daily Tubes: Friday August 14, 2009

Ooooh!!! Versusplus released a new song Friday. I absolutely adore these folks and my only regret is they don’t produce more often.

Perhaps Dick could use that at his trial.

Uh oh. The President went to Montana on Friday. I bet he got his butt kicked there…

Friday August 14, 2009: The day in 100 seconds from TPMtv.

Or not. Could it be there are reasonable people everywhere?

How many ways can insurance screw you over? has quite a few stories that will break your heart.

Someday I might tell you about my experiences.

I am amazed by the pug talking points. As I have said before, the only death panels around belong to insurance companies.

Headzup gives us a little peek into the inner workings at fox.

I would pay to see da Glenn Beck and Billo engaged in fisticuffs. Although after a bit of hair pulling and name calling, they would probably start crying and run to Rupert.

PETA has really stepped in it. The Onion explains.

Get that freaking glue trap off my foot!


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