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Daily Tubes for Tuesday August 11, 2009

Tuesday August 11, 2009: The Day in 100 seconds.

Wow. Wow. Wow. That was something else. I must say after watching that, I sat in mute shock for quite some time. I don’t even like Arlen Specter, but that was one of the more horrifying things I have seen in a while. My only question is where were these people when the ‘lil shrub was actually shredding the Constitution while he was leasing the White House?

Oh yeah, I remember. These are the same folks who helped the ‘lil shrub steal the election. Anyone recall the Brooks Brothers riot? Rachel Maddow illustrates the event.

If you need to jog your memory of the events in 2000, check out None Dare Call It Treason By Vincent Bugliosi. It is a good read.

I seem to be losing my sense of humor lately. When the stuff that is actually happening in this country is more bizarre than my idea of what is funny; we are in deep trouble.

At least one funny thing happened today. Headzup explains.

I am starting to worry for the Onion. As the news gets stranger, they need to really plum the depths of depravity to get us to notice.

It made me laugh. If Sarah can believes in death panels, I will buy google prisons.


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