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Friday August 7, 2009: The Day in Tubes

I noticed whilst perusing late night Showtime channels that there is a porn star named Holly Hollywood. For some reason I found this deeply disturbing;~J Please do not confuse me with Ms Hollywood as I spell my name with an i. Now that I have cleared up any confusion…

Friday August 7, 2009 in 100 seconds from TPMtv.

Perhaps the repug-nance these past couple of months has overwhelmed our perceptions with mind numbing stupidity, and in a bizarre way, they have won the summer so far. I think that is about to change. The right has overplayed it’s cards and the American people are beginning to

back away in horror. (thanks for the line Sricki)

August and September can easily be owned for reason and respect. Oh and intelligence. As NBW remarked about the republicans and blue dog democrats in her most recent awesome post:

Your bullshit is about GREED and POWER.

But it’s time to ante up and provide universal health care to the civilian world.

Our Troops. Supported by Socialism! by: NavyBlueWife

Headzup also nailed the party of NO!!! today.

The White House is ratcheting up the push back as well.

Hmmmm. OK, that was a bit dry…but I suppose they need to keep it cool.

However, I don’t. My friends at the Onion are as disgusting and funny as ever. Warning on this one, it is offensive.

Nasty, nasty. However, what is odd is that most every clip I have seen from fox seems to out-weird even the Onion.  


  1. At times, it seems like this country is falling apart. Then I realize it is just the Right raging against the dying of their light. (Apologies to Dylan Thomas for the paraphrase)

  2. anna shane

    is a good thing.  Parents forget, and they may leave their kids in the open, or have a false sense of security because they’ve talked with their children about the danger.  

    The child who was taken in Vallejo several years ago had met her killer, at her folks home, he’d been a visitor, and he’d had the chance to see how she was ignored and how on her own she was. So, he saw her waiting for her bus and had no trouble picking her up. and the police didn’t catch him until he’d picked up a savvy kid, who got away, but who knew and still didn’t have a chance, cause she was alone on a deserted street and she didn’t weigh much.  

    Kids who have annoying overly protective mothers are safer. Kids who are allowed to walk on streets alone are in more danger.  

    But hardly any kids are raped by strangers, it’s usually a family member, like a dad, or a step-dad or an older cousin or brother, or stepbrother, or a neighbor who seems sexually normal, or the sweet little babysitter’s boyfriend.  If more parents put nanny watch cameras in their kids bedrooms and in their garages, then at least they’d get some evidence.  

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