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  1. Is Orly Taitz at all connected with Texas Darlin’?

    And what’s this about a certain former VP candidate busting up from her husband? A lot of it on some quite reliable Alaskan blogs?

    Hope y’all are enjoying the summer. According to Andrew Sullivan, the recession has really hit blogging traffic, mainly because most people blog from work, and when you ain’t got a job.

    And Happy Birthday Barack! You’re the same age as me now. And no, I haven’t sorted out healthcare either, but there’s still plenty of time.  

  2. Kysen

    …I don’t quite have that breathy thing down….

    About that birth certificate?….those birthers (always lower case) are loons of the highest asshole order…..and I am one who tends to be rather fond of conspiracy theories.

    And I guess, according to sricki and Michelle…I must be mean guy…cuz lord knows I would have been a’laughin if Mrs. Chock Full O’ Nuts Family Values had stepped out on her husband…would have found even more perverse glee in the ‘First Dude'(gag) knocking up a chica his daughter’s age (yes, Kysen is THAT mean). Ah well….there’s always next week.

    BTW..I’m not really back….cuz I was never really gone.

    Kysen = King of the Lurkers

    Carry On…

  3. It was a surprising turn out, both in volume and in makeup.  Lots of Republican neighbors coming out either to see what was up or to voice their support.  Adam Fletcher from the OFA office and a few other staffers, a cake with a pic of the big guy and my one chance to give a speech on my own thoughts about the whole thing.

    Fascinating times, and I swear I can’t wait to bore my unborn grandchildren to tears with the stories in years to come.

    Happy Birthday, Mr. President.


    DowJones Industrial Average close for the week ending 8/3/09:


    The last time it closed that high was the week ending 10/27/08


    So what were those Republicans saying about the stock market tanking under Obama?  Hahahahahahaha!

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