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Uncle Sam Does NOT want Crazy!

Many of you have probably heard now about Army Maj. Stefan F. Cook, but just in case, please allow me to tell his story as only this patriotic Navy Blue Wife can do.


Maj. Crap, a true American and real patriot (according to the definition put forth by Governor Dropout Sarah Palin), is an Army reservist who volunteered in May to serve his country by going to Afghanistan.  He is an engineer, and the Army is in desperate need of engineers to help in that war theater.  He was granted deployment orders in June and was scheduled to deploy in July, relieving another engineer who is currently deployed.  But nevermind that messy detail…that soldier can wait until Maj. Ass’s important business is done.


Noble Maj. Dipshit had other plans than actually serving in Afghanistan when he volunteered.  You see, he is a Birther.  Back in February, this tinfoil hat wearing jackass decided to seek out a lawyer to help him challenge President Obama’s authority as Commander in Chief.  As you are clearly aware by now, President Obama is NOT a U.S. citizen.  He’s a Kenyan who is illegally governing our country!   And he’s BLACK!!!!  Well, half black, but don’t worry!  The Birthers gots dat part covered.


You know who else is a Birther?  Liz Cheney!  She’s one of the spawn of Dr. Evil, our former Vice President.


Don’t they look good in tinfoil, y’all?

So back to Major Asshole.  He found himself a fully competent lawyer by the name of Orly Taitz.  Taitz was born in Russia, is a dentist, and got her law degree online.  


My thoughts exactly, Snowy Owl friend.  Stupid me, I got mine at a University, and I went to classes for 3 years!  I bet she doesn’t owe as much in student loans as I do.  DAMNIT, she may very well be smarter than me….oops, I digressed again…sorry, y’all. 😉  

Anyhow, Taitz is the birther’s legal heroine (or should I say crack?), and she thinks that Obama worships Hitler.  Soon after she filed the lawsuit and got more face time on that channel that changes Glenn Beck’s diapers, the Army decided that they did not want to tilt at windmills and revoked Maj. Tinfoil’s deployment orders, saying that he could change his mind about volunteering.  The court dismissed the suit because he no longer had standing.  That’s a complicated legal term that Taitz cannot be bothered to understand.

Maj. Asshole and Taitz Tinfoil declared VICTORY!  Taitz said:

By revoking the orders, it’s clear to anybody. Think reasonably: Why would the military undermine itself by revoking its orders?

Without any doubt, we can all reasonably assume that they had the Army cornered, and the almighty powerful Muslim Black Kenyan guy who’s illegally in the White House has declared jihad on the birthers who know the TrUtHiNeSs about his origens!


tellin’ it like it is at Navy Blue Wife


  1. HappyinVT

    real job was as a DoD subcontractor.  After the kerfuffle, the DoD said, “thanks but no thanks” to his contract.  He is now, apparently, unemployed.

  2. spacemanspiff

    Anyhow, Taitz is the birther’s legal heroine (or should I say crack?), and she thinks that Obama worships Hitler.


    I wish more military people and their families would speak out about Maj. Asshole.  So tired of the rightwing noise machine clogging up the interwebs.

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