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Sarah Palin… Quits?!?! Is there a stronger term than WTF?

You know, I keep thinking that she can’t surprise me anymore, but how the hell do you see this coming?

At an 11:00 a.m. press conference today, Governor Sarah Palin announced that she would not seek a second term as governor. The governor continued, saying that by the end of the month she would resign from the governorship.

I just heard David Shuster say that if she does resign, her political future is done, and I’m inclined to agree. None other than Harry S. Truman said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” And if Sarah Palin thinks she can use this to martyr herself and run on an anti-media ticket, she’s dumber than any of us thought. This move, in and of itself, is only mildly damaging to Republicans. But more important is what it opens her up to. Her primary opponents will rip her a new one, and rightfully so.

You can’t quit President because you don’t like it. You can’t quit governor because of stress, then say you want to be President. It doesn’t work that way. For God’s sake, Obama has death threats constantly, is presiding over a deep recession that has him criticized by both parties, and has to very carefully balance the world’s most unstable region to avoid a new world war.  

UPDATE: OMG!!!!! She’s doing this so she can make a difference outside of government? WOW. She’s still sounding like she thinks she can run for President after this. I’ll tell you now, that ain’t true. It’s all well and good to say that government is wasteful. Now how the hell you gonna change that when you quit the position you could take to change it? You wanna win conservatives? You gotta pretend to be the next Reagan. And whatever you might say about Reagan, he wasn’t a damn quitter.

Just…. stunned. Hopefully I’m misreading this… oddly cheerful press conference. The fact that she is resigning with a smile on her face and an attempt at inspirational language is weird enough. When was the last time someone resigned with a smile? And am I crazy, or did she also kinda say that she was quitting because she wants her legacy intact, meaning she wants to quit because governing is getting too hard to do it effectively?

UPDATE 2: Now MSNBC is saying that their sources say she is quitting politics for good. To me, that seems like it could mean she’s “quitting” politics like John McCain “suspended” his campaign or how The Undertaker was “buried alive” in the WWE.

But if she really is, then I actually have respect for her, because that means she is likely starting a new career as a media personality, which is an extremely savvy move. Her potential as a media personality is huge, she could be on the same playing field in Christian radio as a James Dobson instantly just recording messages FROM HER OWN HOUSE. I’d hate it, but I’d respect the smartness. Lord knows it’s worked out for Joe Scarborough.


  1. “Don’t believe your own P.R.”

    Sarah Palin has crossed the line from using her spiel to believing it.  She’s the weather and sports anchor from a backwater TV station in freakin’ Alaska.


  2. Most of them think this is a brilliant move on her part. Many of them seem to think the Left is scared to death of her candidacy and are now filling their depends from even greater fear at her political threat.

    The Romneybots and Cult of The Kenyan will be horrified when they see the fundraising and turnout that Sarah will drive when she campaigns for the GOP candidates in Democrat at-risk districts in 2010.

    Sarah is coming to the Lower 48 very soon and the liberals and Romneybots will be soiling their diapers at what they will witness in the runup to the 2010 midterms.

    Sarah will start fundraising for the GOP to take back the House in 2010 before she starts fundraising for 2012.

    Sarah’s coming to the Lower 48 very soon to help us TAKE BACK THE HOUSE!

    Pelosi is soiling her Depends right now.

    I think Bachman is the next target.

    Palin and Michele Bachman are hated primarily because they are unapologetic Christians .

  3. See, her speech highlights a problem that I have: when faced with her own decisions, and the consequences of her oath of office, she tosses that aside.

    The oath portion of the show especially is what bothers me. She doesn’t want to be constrained by operating within government, and the rules and regulations that govern that. Which then puts me to wondering how she’s going to handle rules and regulations with actually financing any sort of PAC or other campaign. She’s already shown contempt for the rules and laws regarding her own office–and a grim disregard for the truth about when she’s gotten caught dealing from under the deck with said office.

    It’s an issue of responsibility. It’s an issue of leadership that you can trust. So far, she’s demonstrated little regard for any of the offices that she’s sought. Nor has she shown much for respect for those who do discharge those responsibilities. As a Republican, that makes me nervous.

    Because I think that responsibility is important. And that to lead, you have to set an example. And thus far, her example is that if it gets in her way, she disregards it. That isn’t something I trust in an officer of this republic. I happen to have great respect for the Constitution, and the rule of law, and with oaths. I guess I’m funny that way, which is why I’m still a Republican, despite the sea change that the party has taken away from responsibility.

    Responsibility isn’t something you expect others to take. It’s not something that you accept, and discharge yourself. You serve those responsibilities and you perform to the best of your ability. It’s not something you can assign like blame, and that is part of the problem we face as Americans today–this odd notion that responsibility and blame are interchangable and synonyms. And Mrs. Palin worries me, because she doesn’t really understand what our republic actually means, nor how responsibility works. She is hardly a cause, but this announcement is certainly a symptom, as his her entire attitude.

    That if you don’t like it, YOU can just dust your hands of it, and walk away.

    That’s not responsibility. That’s not how those who stood for the Republic and our government discharge their duties. She may think she has a higher duty, and that is fine, but perhaps being far from any form of government service is in order, because she doesn’t operate in any fashion that gives me any comfort as a Republican.

    Republic first. Conservative second. Either understand that, or join another party. Understand what responsibility truly means, or join another party. Palin underscores a great hurdle for Republicans, who don’t understand what the party stands for, and have twisted it up over the years…

  4. sricki

    What a great kickstart to the Fourth of July.

    None other than Harry S. Truman said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

    And am I mistaken in thinking that SHE adopted this line during the GE as well? If so… talk about irony.

  5. alyssa chaos

    local Alaskan bloggers Palin is facing federal indictment.

    seems like she got a free house in exchange for a $13M contract to build a sports complex in Wasilla.


    Could explain the randomness of it all.


    Her MO is to snuggle up to the person holding the job she wants.  Then when she learns something damning about them, uses it to campaign against them.  If she stays true to form we should watch who she snuggles up to.

  7. spacemanspiff

    To me, that seems like it could mean she’s “quitting” politics like John McCain “suspended” his campaign or how The Undertaker was “buried alive” in the WWE.

    Mankind burying The Undertaker Pictures, Images and Photos

  8. creamer

    Wich means more money,and a national platform to launch a run in 2012 or 2016.

    Or maybe its all about money.

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