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Finally! Congrats Senator Al Franken!!!

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled today in Al Franken’s favor and just now, Norm Coleman conceded the race. As a Minnesotan and a Democrat, all I can say is, FINALLY!!! I am doing a modified snoopy dance as I listen to the news.

On a more personal note, it will take longer than I thought to be back at full capacity. My computer is ill and needs hospital.  


  1. HappyinVT

    back from the July 4th recess.

    Congratulations Minnesota!

    I bet almost no one is happier than Amy Klobuchar.

  2. Radiowalla

    And let me just add that I think Frannie Franken rocks!

    Above all, it’s good to see the back end of Norm Coleman, a real skunk who behaved in a truly classless way after Wellstone was killed.   If he hadn’t been such a pri*k, maybe Franken wouldn’t have felt compelled to run against him.

    So “Adieu” to Normie and “Bonjour” to Al.  What a great day!

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