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Michael Jackson RIP – open thread and tributes

The LA Times is confirming the sad news that Michael Jackson has died of a massive heart attack.

For someone of my age, Michael defined a generation. From early days as a child singer he went through several amazing metamorphoses, some increasingly bizarre. But he was gifted. And he was always there.

Thoughts, tributes, regrets. Anything welcome in this open thread



  1. …I had no idea he was 50.


    Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, the seventh of nine children. Five Jackson boys — Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael — first performed together at a talent show when Michael was 6. They walked off with first prize and went on to become a best-selling band, The Jackson Five, and then The Jackson 5.

    Jackson made his first solo album in 1972, and released “Thriller” in 1982, which became a smash hit that yielded seven top-10 singles. The album sold 21 million copies in the United States and at least 27 million worldwide.

    The next year, he unveiled his signature “moonwalk” dance move while performing “Billie Jean” during an NBC special.

    In 1994, Jackson married Elvis Presley’s only child, Lisa Marie, but the marriage ended in divorce in 1996. Jackson married Debbie Rowe the same year and had two children, before splitting in 1999. The couple never lived together.

    Jackson has three children named Prince Michael I, Paris Michael and Prince Michael II, known for his brief public appearance when his father held him over the railing of a hotel balcony, causing widespread criticism.

  2. anna shane

    He was a cute kid with talent to burn, and he was always watched. It’s no wonder he had a hard time coping, but he kept his talent anyway, and his kindness. There are some who will always believe the worst about a public figure, but Michael stayed true.  I’m crying.  

  3. atdleft

    And “Bad” and so many more of his songs as a toddler who was glued to VH1 & MTV. I still can’t believe it. I feel like a part of my childhood has just been lost forever. May Michael rest in peace. 🙁

  4. his music – the man not so much. he definitely had a tragic life though.

    farrah fawcett also passed today….

    as well as some imbeciles on twitter started a rumour that jeff goldblum and/or harrison ford also died.

  5. Kysen

    as performed by the inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines.

  6. DTOzone

    are quite sad, especially when it hits you that you’d never hear said person’s music or see said person on screen ever again. That’s how I felt about Aaliyah and Heath Ledger…like now I think “damn Aaliyah/Ledger would be so good in this movie”

    My earliest celebrity death memory was Lucille Ball…first she was sick, sick, sick, getting better, getting better, dead. I remember Bette Davis died that same year, some time later and my grandmother was in tears over it…but they had lived long complete lives.

    My grandparents used to tell me stories about how during the Depression, they would go to the movies to get away from all the bad news…that’s a good reason why celebrity news, despite being inconsquential in the grands scheme of things, attracts so many people.

  7. alyssa chaos

    Nay the king of pop is worthy of 3!


    +beat it+ is my favorite song and has been banned from my parents house ever since the time I played it continuously for 4 hours some years ago.

    And ironically I think in Fremont on friday they were going to try and break the record for most zombies in one place [5,000] and do the dance from Thriller. I wonder if it will proceed as scheduled [to be pronounced as shhh-e-duled]….

  8. I honestly wonder how these asshats get anyone with a visible name to write for them.  The latest in “make a profit before they’re in the ground” marketing from the creeps who bring us Newsmax/Human Events, in an email sent out today titled “Michael Jackson Didn’t Have to Die!”:

    A Special Message From

    Dear Newsmax Reader:

    Pop star Michael Jackson died of sudden cardiac arrest, according to press reports. Heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death for Americans. Worrisome is the fact that many younger people and people with fewer obvious risk factors are dying of sudden heart attacks.

    Now a leading medical doctor, Dr. Russell Blaylock, says that many times these heart attacks are preventable. You need not be a victim. He warns that many people – possibly even you – are suffering from hidden inflammation that is the real cause of such heart attacks. He argues that for many – including celebrities like Michael Jackson and Tim Russert – simple nutritional approaches could have saved their lives.

    Please read more about Dr. Blaylock’s vital information on preventing heart attacks below.

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