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President Obama is Just Right

I have had the extreme misfortune of lacking internet access over the past few weeks as my former home of Iran has seen the ripples of change, grow into a mighty storm. MSNB has done a fair job reporting events in Iran, at least this past week, but CNN has been dreadful. So I was moderately pleased to see a great deal of coverage this last weekendt on CNN of the revolution in Persia.

I normally dread the weekends, as they are almost completely news free. I rarely dip into cnn, and cannot stomach fox. The last couple of days have been a positive change, as cnn has done almost wall to wall coverage. Kudos to them.

Christiane Amanpour She did a special earlier and is hosting Larry King Live as I write this. Ms. Amanpour is Persian and in my opinion, the very best cnn has to offer. If you are able to catch either, it is well worth the time.