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Time to Return

I have been following the Moose on my phone devise for the past few weeks and have been especially gratified to see all of the support and interest in the events happening in my former second home of Iran. Thank you all for the passion directed at the brave women and men of Persia these past few days.

I am so excited about the dialogue here that I have decided to call to have my internet hooked up as soon as possible.

That being said, I finally see the world recognizing the amazing strength, education and desire for justice I have always known Iranians possess. The scene of students protecting a fallen ‘enemy’ brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of the gentle yet strong people I grew to love during my time in Iran.

In the lead up to the election, as I realised that this election was going to be stolen from the people, I sent a prayer out for the safety of those who would be enraged by the injustice of a stolen election. Having lived through such an atrocity in this country in 2000, I think many of us understand the rage and betrayal of such an event.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Persian people these days.

On a more personal note, I have missed you Mooses, and hope to be back on the tubes soon. While I have now figured out how to post a diary, I cannot for the life of me, make this little device allow me to post a comment. For now, I am thinking of all of you, and cannot wait to get my computer up and running again.

Peace to all of you.


  1. sricki

    Christ have I missed you! Fucking FAB to catch this diary and see you planning to return!

    Hope all is well on your end!

  2. Kysen

    /snoopy dance


    You have been sorely missed, Holz.

    I hope that the cable dude hooks ya’ll up with a quickness.

    This is how I feel right now….

    Your insight and experience will be an asset to the ongoing Iran conversation on the Moose.

    Plus, I just miss the hell outa ya. 😉

    Lookin’ forward to your return, hon.


  3. :~)

    Been thinking about you, both before and after the Iranian news tookover the world (notably after the Iranian gov’t thought they had turned off the News Feed switch :~).  I’ve been out for this whole episode and highly distracted – the Moose has been my entire window into Iran.  I just want to say that you folks are doing a real and valuable good in the world.

    And now Holz is back….  My world is complete.

  4. Interview with a former Evin Prison guard

    There are a lot of folks who are hoping that Pence shuts the hell up because it will only throw oil onto the “US interference” claims. Seriously, WTF? Can we actually listen to the damn President for a change, instead of looking to exactly the opposite? Sometimes, folks do things for a reason…

    Reports of Hamas coming in the the Hizballah are looking more possible–Osama Hamden’s people were in Lebanon, so if there was a move, they could have caught a ride, as it were.

    Mohammad Asgari, who worked for the Interior Ministry, and is supposed to be the source to prove the elections were rigged is being reported killed in a car accidents. The further from Iranian sources, the more use of air quotes around the cause of death…

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