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Is Norm Going to Pull Out?

Two or three sources are betting that Norm Coleman is going to discontinue his campaign to keep Al Franken from getting the Minnesota Senate seat if the State Supreme Court, as it is believed, comes in supporting Franken. Even though John Cornyn and the other Republican Committee types are saying they would support Coleman through the US Supreme Court, Coleman apparently thinks Governor Pawlenty will sign the certification if the State Supremes come in for Al.

One major reason that Norm will end it here is supposed to be Pawlenty’s desire to go for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2012. Pawlenty has 19 months to go as Governor and holding up Franken’s certification is not making him a popular guy. Coleman owes Pawlenty big time, both for supporting him so far and because he ran for Governor and not Senator in the past, letting Coleman have the Republican nomination.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks, the State Supremes are due to weigh in and no one thinks they are coming in for Coleman. This exercise in stupidity is weighing badly for Minnesota Republicans and if Coleman ever wants to get into the game again… come back for Governor, say, when Pawlenty goes for President, he’ll have to clean up his act pretty soon.

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  1. may be thinking about running for Governor as well. Hard to keep holding up Senate elections, and gearing up for a bid for the Governorship at the same time.

    Coleman is a chameleon. Liberal Democrat to authoritarian asshat. He’s run for how many offices in Minnesota?  He’s been beaten by how many actors turned politician now?  He has to be in the record books for getting his butt handed to him, and each time, he morphs a bit to change his image–and I think that is really what hurts him in all these bids.

    He doesn’t really stand for much. He just keeps changing his platform to fit whatever office he’s running for, and he keeps shifting his sights. At this point, he’s better known for running, than actually holding office.  And worse for Coleman, is that he doesn’t even recognize how shifty and untrustworthy he appears thanks to his ever shifting supply of excuses and reasons for keeping at it.  

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