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Sunday Funnies: "The Young Cons"

I thought first that “Cons” was short for convicts but it turns out to be for “Conservatives”.  Behold the new face of the Republican Party youth outreach, a la Michael Steele. “Rap” from two young guys from Dartmouth College.

(put your coffee down and swallow before viewing, or your keyboard will be drenched)

Saw this over at DKos and couldn’t resist sharing it here, if you hadn’t already seen it.

Even more hysterical is the text accompanying  the video on youtube:

Young Cons is not attempting to force their religious beliefs onto anyone, but rather encourage discussion among the American youth. They do not claim to have all the right answers, but merely try to express their views through music. Their goal is not to pursue a rap career, but rather get young Americans involved in politics.

Young Conservatives is a group with a devout mission to spread the love and logic surrounding true conservatism. Our greatest enemy lies in the lack of understanding of the conservative movement. In a technological era driven fiercely by the main stream media, those who taut the true conservative message of individual responsibility, moral absolutes, and small government are slanted as intolerant, racist, “bible and gun clinging”, corporate fat cats who could not care less about the environment nor the well being of their fellow man. Being Christian or conservative or a combination of the two is not viewed as popular in American Society. This group clearly proves otherwise. Don’t feel afraid or silenced, and always speak your mind. The inaccurate manifestations of conservatism cloud the real mettle in its core. Flawed politicians lay on both sides of the political spectrum, however, real conservatives such as Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King Jr., and arguably Jesus are the flag-bearers of the true conservative movement. The time for a new generation of conservative leaders to rise to the challenge of a failing economy has arrived once more. The goals of Young Conservatives, recently dubbed “Young Cons”, is to promote constructive debate and tolerance. Rather than bashing viewpoints that deviate ideologically, the purpose is to make both sides of the aisle think critically about their respective political and moral beliefs. Ultimately, people will not listen to a man or woman shouting forceful and rude statements , no matter how “correct” said statements may be. True conservative views will hold up in any ideological debate, and turning positive discussion into hate propaganda and name calling is unacceptable. For real change to occur we must do as Jesus did and love those of opposing views with all our hearts. Once this happens our fiscal and social views will be easily recognized as undeniable truth.

Ronald Reagan, MLK Jr and Jesus as great conservatives?

Oh Martin, (where ever you are) how you must be wincing to have thy name taken in vain.

If you managed to get through the entire video, or at least the first part, outstanding idiocies like this line “we need more women with intellectual integrity like Megyn Kelly, and not Nancy Pelosi” are amazing.  Megyn “Fox Spews” Kelly as the leading light for con (conned) women?  I guess Sarah Palin better step aside.

Other lines like “Superman that socialism, waterboard that terrorism”, speak for themselves.

Anyway, good morning Mooseketeers.  

Enjoy the funnies.  


  1. watched part of it. I couldn’t watch the whole thing.

    It is easy to ridicule the delivery and the song, but it isn’t any more silly than the message conservatives have been selling for years decades.

    The claim of MLK Jr. as a conservative is laughable, but the claim of Jesus as a conservative is just plain foolish. Jesus was the arch anti-conservative and those who spread his message after the crucification were even more so.

    Another fail in this message is the claim to moral absolutism. They sacrificed that claim when they started backing torture and unjustified war. Suddenly it was “It’s ok when we do it.” That is pure moral relativism.  

  2. “He’s right behind us!  I can’t lose Him!”

    “Quick, turn down this alley!”

    “There’s nothing I can do!  He’s got us right in His sights!”


    As John (and millions of others) has noted, Jesus was about as radical as they come, and his message of being your brothers’ keeper is as mainstream Liberal as it gets.  The Old Testament God (and Revelations), now He was a conservative…

    True Righties don’t give a rat’s ass what your religion is (keep it to yourself and get off my lawn!).  As long as the Right can’t realized that getting inside your bedroom, inside your body and inside your flippin’ soul is about as anti-Right as it is possible to be, the GOP will not get to its Next Stage.  As long as the best they can come up with is two rich white kids pretending to be Snoop Dog, they are not going to break out of their 21% base.

    The GOP has gotten by on it’s base plus those of us who have held our nose and cast a vote for decades.  Simply saying you are for individual freedoms and responsibility wears pretty thin in the end when your mantra is all about conforming with a pre-conceived religious moral code.

  3. And I just can’t see these kids getting up to battle even Consolidated.

    I think it’s sort of cute to try to ride message, but maybe these kids should try a style that is at least authentic.

    Mind you, take a look at Matthew Miller–or Matisyahu. A Hassidic Jew from New York who took up reggae, but blended it with very much Hebrew themes. But, it comes from a place that is an authentic. It’s not miming a style–which this is what these kids are doing.

    Hip hop has a lot of territory in it, and there’s even room for white kids, but there’s a differencing between aping the style for press, than actual artistic expression.

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