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RNC calls Nancy Pelosi – PussyGalore….

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Just when you think, RNC, and the Republicans in general, have realized that this country have moved on and left them in the dust. No more appeals to our worst and base instincts with racism, sexism and homophobia are going to work with majority of the folks. RNC releases this misogynistic video to make their point about Nancy Pelosi.

Politico is reporting

She’s the 69-year-old speaker of the House of Representatives, second in the line of succession and the most powerful woman in U.S. history.

But when you see Nancy Pelosi, the Republican National Committee wants you to think “Pussy Galore.”

At least that’s the takeaway from a video released by the committee this week – a video that puts Pelosi side-by-side with the aforementioned villainess from the 1964 James Bond film “Goldfinger.”

The RNC video, which begins with the speaker’s head in the iconic spy-series gun sight, implies that Pelosi has used her feminine wiles to dodge the truth about whether or not she was briefed by the CIA on the use of waterboarding in 2002. While the P-word is never mentioned directly, in one section the speaker appears in a split screen alongside the Bond nemesis – and the video’s tagline is “Democrats Galore.”

The wisdom of equating the first woman speaker of the House with a character whose first name also happens to be among the most vulgar terms for a part of the female anatomy might be debated – if the RNC were willing to do so, which it was not. An RNC spokesperson refused repeated requests by POLITICO to explain the point of the video, or the intended connection between Pelosi and Galore.

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Other Republican and conservative mouthpieces like Jim Quinn and Neil Boortz have resorted to call Pelosi a “hag” and “bitch” in the last two weeks or Mike Huckabee commenting on her “fancy” dresses.

However this type of sexist and misogynist stereotyping is a common technique to demean and de-legitimize the work of strong and powerful women.

Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Foundation, believes that those who attack female leaders on gender grounds do so out of weakness.

“In a way, it shows the desperation of the opposition,” she says. “If all else fails, you do something on their looks, or you remind them of sex.”

Phil Singer, who dealt with the issue as a spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, takes it one step further, arguing that such tactics are actually likely to be counterproductive in the end.

“As the degree of viciousness escalates and increases, I think women – and most people living in the modern era, including men – are more likely to rally to Pelosi’s cause,” he says.

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At least one Republican Congressman had come out to condemn the video. Thank you, Rep. Chaffetz.

After viewing an RNC video that juxtaposed the speaker with the James Bond villainess, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) told POLITICO Saturday:

“I thought it was reprehensible, irresponsible and unpersuasive. If we’re going to regain the credibility of the American people, we’re going to have to stop with silly antics like that. It may get a snide chuckle inside the Beltway, but it offends most people. We have to get away from the politics of personal destruction,” he said of the video.

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The party of Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich and Dick Cheney: Have you no decency left?


  1. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) let loose on those in the “bowels” of the RNC:

    “Policy and public comments are fair game, and there are creative ways to amplify it, but I despise it when Democrats and organizations like use these types of tactics,” Chaffetz said. “I would like our party to be more consistent in calling out inappropriate behavior like this. We’ve got to show some leadership and get serious about the issues at hand. It just bothers me that we have someone in the bowels of the organization on payroll working on stuff like this.”

  2. Jjc2008

    I should be shocked….

    But I am not….

    Sexism continues to rear its nasty head….

    and with a republican party still giving voice to people who believe that paternalism is essential to society…….and accept the sanctimony and hypocrisy of their leaders….

    no surprise, none at all.

  3. Speaking of pussies, there are no bigger pussies in all of America than Fat Limbaugh, Newt and Big Dick Cheney.

    The drug-addicted Limbaugh has two deferments from combat in Vietnam.  One was a college deferment and the other was for a cyst on his ass.  When his country needed him the most, he ran and hid.  Newt, also has two deferments from combat.  One for being a student and the other for being a father.  I’m sure there were plenty of fathers and students fighting in Vietnam who would have loved to not be there.  When his country needed him the most, Newt ran and hid.  And then we have Big Dick Cheney, the most manly of them all.  Five deferments from combat.  Never once wearing the uniform or taking is tough, manly mantra to combat for the country he believes should always be in perpetual war.

    Cowards till the end.

  4. alyssa chaos

    What kind of result would they expect from such a crappy ad. I just don’t get what they’re thinking. That’s just really shitty judgement.

  5. HappyinVT

    If I hadn’t read the diary I wouldn’t have gotten the Pussy Galore connection.  How many people even know who she was?  And what did the Robert Gibbs’ quotes have to do with anything?

    With this and the “daisy” ad redux it seems the RNC is about 40 years behind, in ads and ideas.

  6. psychodrew

    I wonder if the left is going to acknowledge this problem now that the target is not a Clinton.

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