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Saturday Music Coverage – Open Thread

These are few of the indie music groups I had been listening recently. Hope you enjoy the music as this sunny but slow Spring Saturday meanders on. Please share your own Spring favorites..

Otherwise consider this an open thread. What’s on your mind today? I’m off to a book sale…

1) King Khan and the Shrines

This band is a throwback to classic rock of the 60s complete with a flamboyant vocalist, gogo dancers, saxophone players, stage antics, banter with the crowd ..they are a Berlin based German garage rock and psychedelic soul band with a Canadian-Indian lead singer.

Welfare Bread

King Khan’s lead singer is Mark Sultan who was born in Canada. More on The King Khan and the BBQ Show

No Regrets

2) Camera Obscura

This is a Scottish indie pop band with aheavy influence of 60’s music.

Lloyd I’m ready to be HeartBroken

Let’s Get Out Of This Country

3)Le Tigre

Le Tigre had been one of my favorite bands this millenia. They are an American punk rock band, known for their bold socio-political message with strong support for anti-war, feminism and LGBT rights movement. Their videos are also known for their funky dance moves..:)


After Dark


Well, Well, Well


  1. but someone I really like. I was introduced to his music a few years ago. I was supposed to go to a show of his at the University of Michigan, but scheduling conflicts made it a no-go. I hope to catch him live one of these days.

  2. mme truffle

    so I missed this open thread.  It’s really interesting to hear what kind of music everyone listens to.

    I’m a big fan of Le Tigre and Camera Obscura, Louis. Since you’re into Indie, have you heard “The Dark Night” compilation album?  It’s really great.  

    Here is a track (I can’t stop listening to) from bright eyes lead singer, Conor Oberst and the lovely Gillian Welch:

    And just for a bit of diversity here is some Ethiopian jazz.  It’s not for everyone, but it’s really fascinating music:

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