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Recommendation: Be The Media-Changes Everything

I am going out on a limb with my personal credibility here.

I began my work  in media in 1972 as a television camera operator for WCTV. Since then I have never seen a text, guide or college class that provides the information that anyone can use to control their media message so completely. Actually, unless you were a very wealthy person, until now it was impossible.


Be the Media is the handbook for artists, media activists, educators, policy makers, and anyone else who wants to leverage technology to promote a message or product to the masses. With chapters for musicians, authors, filmmakers, media activists, and more, Be the Media has wide appeal while maintaining explicit details. Be the Media explains how to utilize podcasts, iTunes, social networking, syndication, Internet TV, search engine optimization, e-Commerce, and more to find and connect with fans.

Not just a book on promotion, Be the Mediaalso contains crucial information on creation and distribution, from publishing books, zines, and blogs to uploading and distributing video and audio. This not only cuts out the frustration of the middle man, it also allows artists to connect more directly with their fans.

With an extensive section on community media, David Mathison provides media activists with an invaluable tool for creating and maintaining a forum for community based, participatory media.  

Be the Media is the result of a collaborative effort by some of today’s leading educators, media activists, and experts. It is David Mathison’s vision that this is an ever evolving body of knowledge put together by the world’s leading experts, including a Nobel Prize winner for Journalism and Media Legend Phil Donahue.

“David Mathison’s BE THE MEDIA offers the preposterous idea that broadcasting and publishing need not be exclusive to industrial titans.  You (yes, he means you) can take the “big” out of “media” and return this most important feature of democracy to the people.  The practical advice offered in this book are ideas whose time has come … and none too soon. For those who’ve come to understand that the “news” and what’s hot in popular culture are decisions made by large corporations, this book is must reading.  Here is the hand book for those Americans who want to join and help lead the revolution that is urgently returning to the people, the power of conveying information to a populace starved for new ideas from outside the box of big business commercialism.” – Phil Donahue

“David Mathison’s BE THE MEDIA is a text and bible on how modern methods permit every person and organization to reach an audience that only a few years ago was reserved for the multi-billion dollar media conglomerates. It is a reference for uninhibited and unlimited methods that use print, computers, and the whole spectrum of devices right at hand in almost every community and household.  It shows how to spread ideas without the traditional massive presses, major networks and commercial studios.”

– Ben H. Bagdikian: Author, The New Media Monopoly; Pulitzer prize-winning journalist; Dean Emeritus, Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley

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