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In the fall of 1977 the US Government sent two ships – Voyagers One and Two – into space, where they are eventually destined to reach the edge of our galaxy.  In the hope that someone, somewhere would intercept these craft a variety of messages were placed on board that would be capable of communicating the existence of an intelligent creature, living on a planet called earth.  Among these was included a short prelude by Johann Sebastian Bach, as performed by Glenn Gould.  Voyagers One and Two left our solar system, respectively, in 1987 and 1989.

Glenn Gould’s short life has me pondering how everything we are and do is a matter of voyaging, and how none of it really has anything to do with arriving.  We are Progressing in our politics and our lives.  Where to?  

That is not the point.

Consider this an open thread.


  1. anna shane

    I though this was about voyeurs.  Are there plans to put voyeurs into space?  I’d watch their u-tubes.  

  2. I’ve done just about everything possible with computers, but never got into video editing. It’s pretty primitive, but that is to be expected for a first attempt. It took about 15 minutes to put together in VideoSpin using 3 different videos. I had what I thought was a perfect soundtrack, Little Feat’s Old Folks Boogie, but youtube flagged it as a copyright violation so I had to change it to one of their approved audios.

    The big guy is my buddy Al. He’s getting kind of old, about 10 now. The little guy, Bailey, is part of my son’s family. He thinks he’s hot s**t and is always trying to get Al to play.

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