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Daily Tubes: April 27 and 28, 2009

Someone seems to have screwed up and left my internet running. It was supposed to be turned off this morning. Not that I am complaining, as I am glad for the moments of surfing bliss I experienced today. The house is cleaned and the last of our things will be departing tomorrow for the new digs.

For now I am a bit bored and put together one last regular daily tube diary. Today was very interesting!

Tuesday April 28, 2009: The day in 100 seconds.

Holy crap! I remember hating Arlan Specter in the 1980’s. What is this world coming to?



Monday April 27, 2009: The day in 100 seconds.

Jesus. Thank goodness Arlan switched today. Otherwise the entire country might have exploded with pig fear from the lunatics on the news.

Straight from the Onion. More solutions for the frightening economic turmoil.

Oh and Rush has just one thing to say to (D-PA) Senator Arlan Specter.

I hear Lumpybag’s positives are sitting at 21%.

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  1. Hollede

    check out! If my service is still on tomorrow, I may post another batch of tubes. Then I will call to have them turn the bloody thing off!

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