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Headzup! Bonus Tubes

Frieeeends, puleaze ignore the fat man with the oxy’s.

I wish I could go.

Goodness, everyone is giving President Obama a really rough time about the bush hunta crimes.

Like this President did anything wrong. Honestly, I think that President Obama struck the right balance. If he had just released national security documents, the republicans would have grabbed him by the short hairs.

Oh and by the way, some 400 individuals, many of which were following orders, have been convicted of bad behavior over the past eight years. 400 grunts and one General. Hmmmm, makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Oh wait, this is better.


Perhaps a few conservative Democrats need to look for other work.

Is this guy even relevant anymore?

Well at least he didn’t say 9/11.


  1. sricki

    You are missed. Gracias for the Tubes. I am goin’ through Holz withdrawal here, though. Woke up jittery this morning…

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