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Day Two Update: Angie Zapata Transgender Hate-Crime Murder Trial

Yesterday proceedings began in the trial of Allen Andrade for the beating death of Angie Zapata, an eighteen year old transgender female in Greeley, Colorado. Jury selection began and proceeded into today, April 15, 2009. It is anticipated that mini-opening statements will be conducted this afternoon.


Angie Zapata was brutally murdered in Greeley, Colorado in July 2008. Angie was a transgender woman and she was murdered because of anti-transgender bias.

On April 14, 2009, her alleged killer went on trial in Greeley, Colorado. The trial marks the first time that Colorado’s gender identity-inclusive hate crimes statute-and in fact any state’s hate crimes law-has been applied in the investigation and prosecution of an anti-transgender murder case.

Last evening, a vigil was held after the first day of the trial concluded. Video of some of the fifty or so in attendance is here:

Next update as situation warrants, but no less that daily.


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  1. anna shane

    it’s receiving a collective ho hum from the general population, but those who showed up were quite sweet.  

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