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"Alaska don't need none o' that fancy book-learnin'!"

Or so says Sarah Palin.

The Associated Press reports:

Gov. Sarah Palin said Thursday that she would accept only 69 percent of the estimated $930 million dollars that could flow to the state, including $514 million for capital projects and $128 million for a hike in Medicaid reimbursement.

Well, what a principled lady! Say, what in particular did Governor Palin nix? Nothing important, really. Just money for non-essential programs, says the Anchorage Daily News, like…

… schools, energy assistance and social services.

Obviously, Sarah Palin knows how unnecessary these funds are, first hand. I mean, it’s not like higher educations levels are linked to a dramatic decrease in teen pregnancy rates, is it? Nah. In that vein, of course, I suggest the Palin/Plumber 2012 ticket use the following graphic heavily in their advertising. It should appeal to Real Mavriks everywhere.


  1. semiquaver

    Seems like all the governors doing this have presidential ambitions.  At any rate, most of the funds will get accepted anyway.:

    Legislators have the power to seek any money that Palin rejects, though the governor retains veto power on whatever projects the legislators try to fund.

    On Friday two state senators, Republican Bert Stedman of Sitka and Democrat Hollis French of Anchorage, introduced a resolution saying the Legislature “certifies the state’s acceptance of all funds that may be available.”

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