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Marriage "A Mother and Father for Every Child"

is the slogan on buttons displayed by the people protesting gay marriage legislation in Vermont. The tactic being used by the right wing protesters, led by The National Organization for Marriage a group based in Princeton New Jersey, which is stepping up its campaign with radio ads which will pepper the state and neighboring areas, and they have encouraged supporters to send emails to legislators which state:

For millennia, marriage has been the way that societies, across all cultural, ethnic and religious lines, have connected children to their own mothers and particularly fathers. This is a fundamental role of marriage which ought not be changed lightly.

Vermont Public Radio (VPR) reporter John Dillon has been covering the story and reported (audio):

(Dillon) At a news conference, the opponents displayed a list of what they say are the risks of same sex marriage. At the top of the list is what Steve Cable described as a major threat to children.

(Cable) “It actually revokes a promise that’s been throughout history and is part of the institution of marriage – that is inherent in marriage – that every child born within a marriage will have a mother and father. It completely revokes that.”

(Dillon) But Beth Robinson of the Freedom to Marry Task Force said research has shown that children raised by same sex parents are not harmed. And she said that Vermont law already allows same sex parents to adopt children.

(Robinson) “What the question that we have before us today is, okay, given that we know that there are same sex parents throughout the state raising kids together, are we going to ensure that those kids have access to the full scope of protections of civil marriage, legal, economic, social, and personal? Or are we not? And from that perspective I think the best interests of kids are squarely on our side on this.”

Mental Health advocates in the state are actively refuting these claims

Vermont Mental Health Experts Support Gay Marriage Forces Join For Equality For Same-Sex Couples

Dr. Jackie Weinstock, a UVM professor and psychologist, released the joint statement of support signed by the state chapter of the National Psychiatric Association, the Psychological Association, the Association of Mental Health Counselors and the Vermont chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

“What brings us here today,” Weinstock said, “is a shared interest in the psychological well-being of all people.” She said the groups want to “set the record straight” given what they said had been a “misinterpretation” of available scientific literature by marriage equality opponents.

“Research has shown children of same-sex couples are as likely as children of heterosexual parents to flourish,” Weinstock said, adding “research shows same-sex parents are just as likely to provide healthy and supportive environments for children.”

Interestingly in West Virgina, the State High Court is hearing arguments this week on same sex couple adoption

W.Va. high court weighs same-sex couples’ adoption

CHARLESTON — The West Virginia Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday over whether a baby would be better off adopted by a husband and wife she hasn’t yet met or a same-sex couple who have cared for the child since birth.

Kathryn Kutil and Cheryl Hess’ are fighting to continue to take care of a 15-month-old foster child after Fayette County Circuit Judge Paul Blake ruled the girl should be placed under the care of a heterosexual couple who might adopt her.

Kutil and Hess argue the ruling was discriminatory.

The state says married couples should get preference in adoptions because they provide more stable environments for children.

It seems that not all of the Justices there are buying into the bogus argument:

Attorney Thomas Fast, the baby’s court-appointed guardian, said the toddler deserves the chance to have “a legal mother and a legal father.”

But at least two of the five justices — Margaret Workman and Robin Jean Davis — suggested that chance has long since past for this child.

“You’re recommending we rip her out of the only home she has ever known,” Davis said to Fast. “Nothing could be worse.”

Fast, who had urged the Fayette County judge to issue a statewide injunction prohibiting the Department of Health and Human Services from placing children in same-sex households, argued in court filings that children reared without fathers have more cognitive difficulties and behavioral problems than children with fathers. He also argued that children raised in traditional families are less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol, be promiscuous or commit crimes.

But Chief Justice Brent D. Benjamin said two parents may not always be best, especially if one is dysfunctional.

Having worked with too many abused children who didn’t don’t have good parents – no matter their gender, I am appalled by the manipulative use of this meme to prevent any child from having loving caring parenting.  


  1. rfahey22

    Would be to summarize horror stories of various straight adoptive parents perpetrating crimes on their adopted children, then compare that with loving homosexual parents and asking whether the children are in fact worse off under the latter scenario.  For that matter, is it better that a child not be adopted at all, so that the child maintains the “chance” to have a “legal mother and a father”?

    There is so much nonsense coming from conservatives about “inherent promises,” “institutions,” and whatnot.  There are so many problems with their argument here (It “revokes” the promise that every child “born within a marriage” will have a mother and father – what about kids born outside of marriage?  What happens to that promise when parents divorce?) that it would be laughable if it weren’t so idiotically cruel.

  2. gay marriage or who think homosexuality is wrong/sin. Placing a child in a same-sex home is going to teach said child to accept such a situation as normal. In their eyes, this is wrong. What else are they supposed to do other than oppose it?

    I don’t agree with it. I tend to trust those who evaluate such situations. They all tell us that the kids do just as well as they do in traditional homes. I also believe kids are resilient and adjust to almost any situation. What matters is whether they are loved.

  3. HappyinVT

    since the legislature has decided to take up the issue of same-sex marriage here in VT.  It’s been about an even split pro and con.

    Today there was a “My Turn” letter which is a segment that is longer than an average LTE.  The author, who is a member of the Vermont Young Republicans, likened same-sex marriage to a PB&J sandwich.  The title was something like “In My House PB&J sandwiches are made One Way.”  I’ve let other ramblings pass without comment but this one is getting an LTE in response.  (I work for the paper so I don’t know if they’ll publish.)

    Not only is his analogy stupid it is offensive.  I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as much as the next person, but someone’s civil rights are slightly more important.  Not to mention, maybe I like peanut butter and banana sanwiches (I do) or butter and jelly sandwiches (I don’t).  What right does this ass have to tell me “how to make a a sandwich.”

    BTW, isn’t the divorce rate for heterosexual couples these days north of 50%?  What’s the percentage of single moms/dads in this country?  What’s the number of foster children in this country?

    They need to get over themselves.

  4. Wait a minute…you’re telling me gay marriage is only for gay people??  And this whole time I thought people were complaining because the government was forcing it upon everyone.  🙂

  5. the hand-waving and partisanship has got to stop.  putting legal labels on family and relationships just seems like an idiotic thing to do – its 2009 all over the western world, governments are doing the opposite.

    but i have hope, time is not on the small-minded people’s side.

    but what rocks my world (not in a good way) is that with all of society’s ills both domestically and globally – this – this is what people are wasting their time and effort on.

  6. Neef

    is framing the importance of mother and father as different from the importance of parents. There are a host of gender stereotypes wound up in such a pronouncement.

    I assume Steve Cable would support a transgendered couple of different sexes? I’d love to ask him.

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