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"Crap I Hate" Sunday (That's right…I said it!)

I’ve got a few things to get off my chest, in no particular order.  I was reading my favorite new blogger VaginaDrum.  She has a weekly wrap-up of likes entitled Shit I Like Sunday.   Wouldn’t you know it though, my old, crabby ass is taking it in another direction. This also seems to be a great way to clean out all the posts I’ve started and not finished this week.

Vatican defends excommunication of 9 year old girl who chose abortion after rape. What a bunch of clueless ass-hats.  This is exactly why I left the Catholic church in the first place.  Their only offer for poor women is abstinence and pregnancy.  Education?  Wealth?  Equality? Dominion over their own bodies?  Hell no!  That’s for the men to decide.  Seriously, these clowns are a PR nightmare.  For months, they’re trying to distance themselves from their own anti-semitic and Nazi past.  After non-apology blessed by The Holy See, they should be laying low and collecting money from starving villagers on Sunday.  But no, they need to take action.

I can just imagine how the scene played out in Rome, earlier today…

(Fr. Mealy Mouth) “Excuse me, Your Grace.  A child in Brasil has chosen to have an abortion after she was raped.  The press is asking our view on this issue and on plight of women.”

(Cardinal Cashbaggio) “Holy Crap!  We gotta nip that in the bud, right now.  If she starts thinking for herself, then everyone will get in on the act.  Have you seen the projected revenues for Q1???  I am not going to going to sit on another earnings call and get my butt handed to me.  You tell the press that we are kicking her out of the Church and you go down there personally and get me to my number.  This is your job on the line now.

As far as women go, just tell them to go do laundry and shut up.”


I’ll say it: Did anyone really think the GOP would let a black man be their leader?

Rush Limbaugh, the poster child for unhappy plantation owners, has all but ignored the existence of Michael Steele as the leader of the GOP.  In the process, Massa‘ Limbaugh has stripped the veneer off any delusions that Steele is anything more that a ‘token black man’ being propped up by the party of racism, military excess and corruption.

Yeah…it could be a coincidence that the first black RNC chair is also the target of derision, embarrassment, scorn and ridicule from his own party – every day since he took the job.  Almost like it was a coincidence that Neal Armstrong lucked out and found a spare pressurized space suit on a hanger, so he could go take a walk on the damn moon.

The only thing that keeps this from being more nauseating and insulting is the sheer joy of watching these bumblef**ks trip all over themselves every 20 minutes.


The South has risen and fallen again…

Someone sent me this picture of a Dixie flag and I go into a fit of trying to decide whether to shove my fingers down my throat or go on a 7-state road trip to bitch-slap everyone that displays this atrocity.  So, I look up the site it came from and they have this little piece of KKK-approved revisionist history online:

to collect this import tax to satisfy his Northern industrialist supporters that Abraham Lincoln invaded our South. Slavery was not the issue. Lincoln’s war cost the lives of 600,000 Americans.

The truth about the Confederate Flag is that it has nothing to do with racism or hate. The Civil War was not fought over slavery or racism.

Well, when someone uses the word truth in a sentence, they really should make sure they know what it means.  Here are a couple of true things about that flag and The US Civil War for the customers of Dixie Outfitters to consider when they seek to celebrate their “pride in the Southern way of life.” as the site declares as its purpose to be:

  • The Confederate flag we see everywhere wasn’t even a real flag.  The “Confederate Flag”, a 20th century combination of the Battle Flag’s colors with the Second Navy Jack’s design.
  • The Confederacy had 3 national flags and none of them looked like the one we see on bumper stickers everywhere.  Actually, if you read up on it, you will find that practically every 3rd Colonel or General named Jeb drew up a flag and tried to have it put to a vote.

  • The US Civil war was fought over slavery.  Slave states fought non-slave states.


Loving the military: what it is and is not.

All these chicken-hawks and paper-tigers crowing about being patriots and loving the military on one hand and taking actions that are often the exact opposite of that claim.  I feel a little like Mandy Patinkin in The Princess Bride

You keep saying that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means.

There is a difference between Loving The Military and Loving to USE The Military.  Here is a handy reference guide:

  • Loving The Military is…

    • Volunteering at a VA hospital
    • Greeting fallen soldiers in public, with honors and praise
    • Providing health care for soldiers and their families near their home.
    • Providing education for veterans and career guidance for transitioning from active duty to civilian life.
    • Providing weapons and armor to troops in the field.
    • Having sex with a soldier.

  • Loving To USE The Military is…

    • Deploying soldiers to assist oil companies.
    • Bankrupting the country with Defense Dept. spending on weapons that are overbudget and under perform.
    • Electricuting soldiers in the shower.
    • Hiring contractors and allowing them to rape and kill female US citizens and soldiers.
    • Blocking passage of any bill that increases medical or education benefits for soldiers and their families.
    • Eavesdropping on US soldiers stationed abroad as they call home to their loved ones.

OK, I’m done.



  1. I know it’s tough to think about these a**holes, but you do it so well.

    The one that bugs me the most is the last one. Love the military, my ass. They love to hide from service in it. That’s one thing most of these chickenhawks have in common. Cheney, Bush, Kristol, O’Reilly, Hannity, and the rest of them. Fuck ’em.

  2. Jjc2008

    You hit some poignant points…

    from the beginning I knew Steele would be derided by Limbaugh and friends.

    WHY is Steele a republican anyway?  How do these people keep themselves blinded to the racism of their party.

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