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Freepers vs. The Secret Service : Owner of blog warns … S.S. can subpoena their IP's!

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I guess making threats against the President’s life can get you in trouble.

Who would of thought?

If you feel it’s your duty to call Obama a traitor and use salty language in your proposed resolution, ie, suggest the commie be keelhauled, walked off the plank, run up the yardarm, tarred and feathered and run out of Dodge, etc, etc, etc, you may be facing a visit from your friendly Secret Service. And even though your visiting agent may agree politically, and may take his oath to the constitution seriously, he’s still sworn to protect the officeholder and it’s his duty to take all threats seriously. And that may include serving me with a subpoena to turn over your IP address. Now I’m duty bound to protect your privacy to the best of my ability, but I cannot defend against stupidity.

Best advice I can give is to keep it to yourself. Don’t post anything that may embarrass you later, or end you up in the slammer.

Ever vigilant.

Keep your powder dry.

Hahahaha! These motherfuckers are crazy.

Regarding the IP’s a commenter asks ….

To: Jim Robinson

Have you been asked to provide such identifications since he usurper was sworn in?

3 posted on March 5, 2009 4:45:09 PM GMT-04:00 by bvw

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To which Jim Robinson (owner of Free Republic) responds ….

To: bvw

“since he usurper was sworn in?”

Not since swearing in, but before, yes.

14 posted on March 5, 2009 4:48:26 PM GMT-04:00 by Jim Robinson

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Oh yes. Free Republic has had the Secret Service contact his cess pool of hate before. Entirely predictable seeing as how he lets his minions spout some of the nastiest and vilest crap in the blogosphere.

This reminds me of what went down with L. Whitey Johnson over at NoKKKwarter during the election cycle.

A very small number of people-two to be specific-who have tried to post comments on this blog have stupidly written about “assassinating” the President-elect. Not only are those comments not allowed, but we ban the commenter and turn the email over to the Secret Service. You have the right to dislike Barack Obama.

All this time I thought the fringe left was the one who was un-american.

Not much to add here. What do you guys think?


  1. They can dress up like a clown to fool some people, but their warped and ultimately destructive world view is their own undoing.  As it was with Gacy, we will find horrors in the basement.  It can be observed in their recent frenzy of FAIL and desperation, that they are not in control of themselves any longer.


  2. Go figure.

    You also, um, leave tracks all over the flipping place online.  If you don’t have some idea of that, then you are probably too stupid to not end up in jail anyway…

  3. is that a picture of John ‘Dimwit’ Boehner and Mitch ‘Let them eat cake’ McConnell or is it a picture of Jeff ‘Homer’ Sessions and Richard ‘Dickhead’ Shelby?

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