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President Obama's trip to Canada

I’ve been watching Canadian coverage of President Obama’s daytrip to Canada.  I chose CTV this morning largely because MSNBC and CNN were in commercial break at about the time that Obama arrived at the Ottawa International Airport.  I stayed with CTV because the coverage was very interesting.

CTV had a anchor, Lloyd as well as reporters at the airport, along the motorcade route, outside on Parliament Hill in the crowd, outside Parliament Hill near the building, and in the Parliament Building outside the Prime Minister’s office.

All of those on CTV commented on both the number of people who came out to welcome President Obama as well as the mood of the crowd.  Yes, there were banners urging support for a host of issues (smuggling cigarettes into Canada, a free Kurdistan were prominent) but there was no tear gas or rioting.  The crowd on Parliament Hill chanted “Yes, We Can” several times when they thought he had arrived on-scene.

Lloyd the anchor was enamored of “The Beast.”  I think he, like Rachel Maddow, would welcome a chance to check out the bells and whistles.  They