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The Goal of Universal Healthcare – Poll

Hi folks,

The purpose here is to see if we all agree on the primary goal of Universal Healthcare in the US.  

To keep this very simple there are only two options:  

“Universal Access to basic healthcare”

– Every person in the country has access to a full range of “typical” healthcare (a good set of services from preventative through emergency)

“Uniform access to all citizens”

– The exact same access for everyone.  ‘one-tier’, no person can get better access regardless of who they are.


There are vastly different implications of the two choices, so just to see if there is any debate at all, please pick the option that best describes your vision of an end goal.

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  1. creamer

     But I also think that and “basic” has to be more narrowly defined.

    I also would be thrilled if my country reached some kind of basic care to everyone.

  2. rfahey22

    I think the typical mindset when someone hears “uniform access” is that certain services that otherwise would be available (if only to those who could afford them) would be eliminated in order to make access uniform for all.  I don’t think that that idea is palatable to many people, even if, in reality, they could not afford such services.

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