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How Was Your Valentines Day?

Ours was a bit like the the Obama’s. Ani works on Saturday, and even though it was a bit of a rush, we had a wonderful evening. Oh, and lots and lots of chocolate was exchanged, but no buildings were actually scaled.

Love is a scary thing sometimes. How do we know when it really is love? Jib Jab has a couple of peas explain.

Then there is the darker side of love. Love lost and betrayal. When this happens, coping skills are important.

In my humble opinion, everyone needs a little love. Speaking on behalf of all nerds, give us a hug please.

Hope you all had a sweet day.


  1. …which despite it’s parlous financial state is still one of the most expensive places in the world. But the french dinner – only found the last moment because of a cancelled reservation – was worth every euro.

    Then this decorum was followed by a riotous evening at an Irish pub with some wild Irish friends – pints of guinness, followed by Sambuca AND tequila. Not surprisingly one of us spent the latter part of the evening talking to god on the big white telephone.


  2. dtox

    Nursing our colds, wandering the city, dinner, out in Soho later.

    It was odd seeing some people there that I’ve seen at pubs many times here in Edinburgh but never actually spoken to. I did speak to one of them, who also happened to be staying at our hotel. It turned out we have a few common friends as well. Weird.  

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