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Moderation Guidelines

Moderation Guidelines


1.  Delete outright SPAM and ban the username. No warning.

2. If a diary breaks ‘Teh Rulz’ (Posting Guidelines), inform the diarist and give them the opportunity to amend it.

3. Do not alter the content of a diary. If it is a flagrant violation of site rules, do the following:
     – Click “Edit” within the diary.
     – Copy the entirety of the diary’s code.
     – Paste it as a draft in your account.
     – Attach a copy of it in the email to the diarist.
Exception: If the title of the diary contains profanity, change it (e.g., FUCK –> F**K).

4. When emailing a user about a diary, use this format:

Hello ____,

Your diary _____ on the Motley Moose ( does not conform to the Posting Guidelines. Please refer to rule #__ , and make the proper adjustments. If you have any questions please direct them to .

If you find your diary has been deleted, you will find a copy of the original included in this email. If your account has been frozen, please contact admin for further information.

Thank you.

5. Never perform a complete banning without group review.
Exception: Complete verifiable SPAM can be eliminated immediately.


1. Unless a comment is beyond any and all measure of taste, let community moderation do its job and FAIL it to Hidden Comments.

2. If a comment is so far beyond any bounds of decency that it must be completely eradicated, delete it. Once deleted, leave a brief comment in the thread about its deletion (a comment by ___ was deleted for breaking site rule #__).

3. If there have been replies to the deleted comment, make note of who left them and add an apology to them in your comment (I also want to apologize to __, __, and __ for the deletion of their replies to the deleted comment).

4. Do not “call out” a user in comments as a Moderator. If you choose to “call out” the user or reply to their comment, do not do so as a “representative” of the Moose. Do it as a site member, and then have another provide moderation if needed.

5. If you have a history with a given user, have another moderator deal with them.
Example: Kysen would not deal with Linfar if moderation were ever needed.

Whether in comments or in email, above all, be fair, consistent, and level-headed.

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