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Happy Tubes

Tuesday February 10, 2009 in 100 seconds. I gotta tell you, I was getting really worried because TMPtv hadn’t posted The Day since Thursday. I am glad they are back.

Give me a freaking AMEN sisters and brothers!

Just when I was ready to give up on the Buffoon, he does this.

Say Jughead, how’s the crow today?

With Valentines Day coming up, why don’t you get your sweetie something with all that extra money you have. The Onion has the perfect gift idea.

Whatever happened to CNN Headline News channel?

Oh. Holy shit.

It would seem there may be an interesting Senate race in Louisiana next year.

I might just vote for her if I could. Senator Vitter isn’t amused.

Don’t you just hate when Senators cry?

Help make a republican in Illinois cry.



  1. Hollede

    I forgot to change the title from the draft. I like it though and may leave it for now. It’s all about perspective, but my tummy is feeling a bit better this week. It doesn’t fill the fridge or keep the lights on, but I am so glad that President Obama is taking it out on the road. Please Sir, show them who is the boss!

  2. Man, if you aren’t scoring with Joe you just aren’t scoring with Anyone!

    67% of Americans approve of Obama’s handling of the stimulus, 31% approve of the GOP handling…

    Yes, Joe, all the political geeks have been over analyzing the whole thing.

  3. spacemanspiff

    I don’t miss them either.

    Not Keith.

    Not Rachel.

    Def not CNN.

    I don’t lurk at fringe blogs ( both righty and lefty) either.

    Holliwood tubes are more than enough for me.

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