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First off, I'd like to apologize – Small update

If Obama can do it, so can I.

It was pretty damn thoughtless of me to disappear so completely during my personal and professional meltdown.  I have a rationalization for it, but I’ll spare you the BS.

You “guys,” (used in the gender neutral sense, Sricki), are my friends, and I’m sorry for letting you down.

I ran away, partly because I was ashamed, and partly because I did not want to burden anyone with my problems.  I probably got that from my Dad, and it’s not a legacy that’s very helpful.

Just so everyone knows, I was laid off yesterday.

I’m glad it’s over actually.  I’ve developed a new appreciation for not being overly ambitious.  I call it the “Stipes Principal,” since I’m an arrogant, self-centered type person, and I’m trying to find ways to engrandize myself.

It’s related to the Peter Principal, but is generally self-inflicted.  It’s basically involves being promoted to the level of severe unhappiness, and I think that it is a fairly common thing.  I did take pride in how far I’d climbed, but that was a silly thing to value above my happiness.

To quote the “Chronicles of Riddick,” I have done unspeakable things in the last 6 months.  I handed out about a hundred pink slips, and then was handed one myself.

Was the extra six months of pay, worth what I had to do during that time?

That’s a question that I’ll be noodling over for quite awhile.

I should have stayed.  It was a mistake to leave.  

I’d like to think that I would have handled things better with my job, if I’d still been hanging around with you guys.

Thanks for welcoming me back.



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-compliments of CG

UPDATE:  Thanks for the great graphic!  My little one is home sick today with me, so I’ll be in and out.  I’m working on a snark diary, and will post later today.  Your little editing job just gave me the code I needed to finish it.  I still didn’t know how to embed a picture, believe it or not!

And, since Spacey demanded it:

Make Me Mad!!! Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. Kysen

    You have been missed dearly, my friend.

    You have been, and will remain, in my thoughts and prayers.

    Welcome Home, Bro.

    /Huge Hug from Kysen

  2. sricki

    And I think I can speak for everyone when I say we are ecstatic to see you back. I’m sorry the past few months have been so trying. I hope things look up soon.

    In the meantime, we are all here for you. Hit me up if you ever need anything.  

  3. Shutting yourself off from your support group is never a good idea. Especially when you are going through tough times. All you had to do was click your heels together 3 times while saying, “There’s no place like the Moose.”

  4. louisprandtl

    missing you. When you’re back up on your feet again, decide on what to do next, do let us know if there’s anything we can do in terms of networking et al…

  5. …the brief story you’ve told, and some of the other things you’ve been through, just elevate you further in my mind. Tough times all around. Shame we couldn’t be there to help, but we’re all here now.

    You’re a legend round here.

    I’m so glad your back. A few more lines on the face no doubt, worldlier and wiser (but in a cool Cloonesque or Clint Eastwood kind of way) and by the look of your thread with Spacey on the Blasklord’s diary… not a funny bone out of joint.

    You two should do another lounge. Spacey has been doing a lot of riffing by himself, and some badass diaries, but it was like Oliver without his Twist (or do I mean Hardy).

    And you are of course responsible for Obama’s victory with your devastating McCain naval course diary.

    But maybe you should also write about your pink slip experience. This must be happening to a lot of people. I really dug your ‘Stipes Principal’ and nice to know that I have my own principal (Peter being my RL name). How does that go by the way: you rise to the top of the MYDD rec list only to the point you want to say GBCW. Something like that…

    Lots of stories to tell, and adventures to relate, but no doubt others can fill you in on that.

    But DID YOU VOTE? Where were you on election night? Did you think of us?

    We were jubilant, but a few tears over your absence mingled with the joy. Either that or the vodka.

  6. Hollede

    Oh thank goodness you are back. I missed you terribly. Oh and I get the whole doing horrible things for your job and then going crazy over it. I used to take children away from their parents for a living.

    Humor may be the best medicine for a sad soul. I will try to think of something funny. But now I must go out into the freezing artic bullshit and put air in my girlfriends tires ;~( I will be back though so don’t go anywhere!

  7. Michelle

    I’ve heard such fabulous things about you from my Moose brothers and sisters.  I showed up and was welcomed into the Moose community in early October (under NavyBlueWife).  Looking forward to getting to know you the first time around! 😉

  8. Stipes

    I just re-read my diary.  My writing sucks.

    I’m really rusty.

    I needs lots of practice, so please bear with me for a bit.

  9. KLRinLA

    It is good to have a fellow moose rejoin the flock.  I wish you well and cannot wait to read some of those stories!

  10. rfahey22

    January sucked for me, in a number of ways:

    1) My unofficial mentor, who recruited me to my firm, died early in the month a few hours after I last spoke with her.  Over the holidays she had fallen and injured her knee, and apparently a blood clot migrated from her knee to her lungs, where it became lodged.  I thereafter spent part of the month picking up the pieces on the last matter she worked on.

    2) I put a lot of money down on a new apartment for my fiance and myself (security deposit plus a realtor’s fee plus advance rent), only to discover, after signing, that the washer/dryer we were promised would not in fact be installed in the apartment.  We seem to be on the verge of resolving that issue, after I yelled at the realtor over the phone and threatened to drag him into court.

    3) I ordered a lot of expensive glassware for use when we move in together.  Unfortunately, the original order never arrived and the customer service people were less than helpful.  Luckily, I channeled my disillusionment with #2 into one of the angrier emails that I’ve ever written, and they promptly sent me a new box of glassware.

    4) There are rumors of future layoffs.  I don’t think that I’m at risk, but it’s impossible to say for sure.

    Anyway, hopefully February’s a little better than January.  I’m tired.

    • Stipes

      I’ll see you tomorrow.  Thanks for being here to welcome me back.

      Guess I’ll have to cut back on the weed now, (or learn to grow my own).

      I’m gonna save some up for one of these nights, my man!!!  Let’s schedule it.

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