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The Lounge: Political Ads.

I just saw what appears to be the craziest political ad I have ever seen.  It is for the upcoming election in Israel, and apparently the Green Leaf Party (legalize pot) has teamed up with, I kid you not –  the Holocaust Survivors Party.  The ad speaks for itself.

Another ad the I think is fantastic and more like a music video was a Party Political Broadcast by the UK Green Party – for the EU Parliamentary Elections.  Good stuff.

Here’s an oldie – times (and attention spans) have changed.

Lastly – this is a Canadian political ad from our recent election in the Fall.  It’s a NDP ad attacking the Conservatives and is in French.  But is so over-the-top that the language barrier shouldn’t be an issue.

God I love politics.  What’s on your mind this snowy evening?


  1. The Kennedy one is an amazing cultural rewind.  Also interesting to see Layton and the NDP continue to exercise the futile method of hyperbole, but they forgot to bayonette Belgian babies on screen as well…

    What’s on my mind?  Casa Bonita (saturday night), Skiing (Sunday night and all week).  Rainy day here in FLA, but that’s OK ’cause I transplanted a bunch of pumpkins.

  2. fogiv

    …but a strange video all the same.  It was semi-viral during the primaries:  La Pequeña Hillary Clinton:


  3. sricki

    I really dig a lot of political ads, though admittedly, we don’t have many good ones down here. And the campaign commercials are painful. Have I yet expressed on this site my profound distaste for Jay Love?

    I don’t know that this counts as an “ad” but the message it sends is important. I recall thinking upon seeing it that it was deeply disturbing — and incredibly powerful. It sneaks up on you a bit.

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