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The Lounge: Favourite & Hate…

Okay – its Friday and really cold.  Since I’ve had a craving for pizza lately, I think its apt for the group here to share.

Favourite Foods and Most Hated politician…

For me its easy – no question favourite food:  Avocado

I can eat it until I’m sick, from guacamole to sushi – avocado rocks my world.  Too bad its one of the most fattening foods around.

As to Most Hated politician – also no question:  Mike Harris

From privatizing roads, water and utility services to over all corruption and is viewed by many as Ontario’s version of Bush.

What about you?


  1. Kysen



    Not a moment’s hesitation.

    I could eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner.


    Enough variety that I could do so happily for a year.


    I lurves it.

    I HATE John Ashcroft.


    An embarrassment to the Show Me State.

    A man who covers up the breasts of innocent statues.

    A man who attempted to wizz on habeas corpus.

    A man who tortured us with ‘Let the Eagle Soar’ while condoning torture of our enemies.

    The ‘Patriot’ Act.

    Creepy slimeball mofo.

    And hundred other reasons.

    I HATE John Ashcroft.


  2. Hollede

    I know you said to pick one, but since I never do anything normal…

    Democrat: Harry Reid, because he is spineless.

    Independent/traitor party: Joe Leibermann, self explanatory.

    Republican: I can only pick one? That is too hard and to name the ones I hate the most would take too long. It would be far easier to name the ones I like. I like…uh, well…ok, never mind.

    International: Putin, because he kinda freaks me out.

  3. spacemanspiff

    … hate Anibal Acevedo Vila ( P.R’s ex governor :  2004 – 20008).

    He’s on trial for corruption charges in 2 weeks and I think he looks grrreat in orange.

  4. FAVORITE FOOD: Dark Chocolate.  The darker the better.  Preferably chilled in the ‘fridge.  Throw a hot coffee on the side and a maduro cigar afterward – and I will be in absolute heaven.

    HATED POLITICIAN: Anyone that tries to shove their bleeping Christianity down my throat.  Theocracy always ends in murder.  I know it, they know it and they are both liars and hypocrites.  The whole rat-bastard lot of “pro-life” and “pro-war” thieves want only one thing: taxpayer money.  And they try to hide their murdering greed by calling it “God’s work”.  

    Hate ’em.  Every single one of ’em.


  5. and often make quite complicated meals. My favorite isn’t sushi or some complicated dish. IMNSHO, the best food known to man (and woman) is cheese. I love almost every kind of cheese I’ve ever sampled. My favorite cheese dish is a simple American standby – homemade macaroni & cheese. One more reason to be thankful for Thomas Jefferson.

    My least favorite politician has to be Dick Cheney, but since he’s no longer in office I’ll pick a Michigan republican. I love playing poker online, so I guess Mike Rogers of the House who cosponsored the online gambling law gets my vote for worst politician.

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