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Diapers for Red State, Stat !!!

The most underreported story of 2009 might be the calm, measured response to the promise of the new president from the wordsmiths at RedState:

Graphic by Brendan Keefe.

Head Red Erick Erickson strikes a centrist, “can-do” pose, thoughtfully noting:

Obama’s Dangerous Game Starts the Process Toward Our Deaths.

Barack Obama, with his orders to shut down Gitmo and bar enhanced interrogation techniques, is already headed toward Lady MacBeth syndrome (or should that be Pontius Pilate Syndrome). Within the next several years he is going to be repeated having to wash American blood off his hands because of his actions.

2. In “My Conservative Pledge,” Aglanon waxes in his own wistful, Bobby Goldsboro-esque way:

For eight years I’ve seen hatred, loathing, anger, ignorance, violence, suppression, oppression, blacklisting and all together a bunch of meanies.  I’ve seen Bush called a Nazi. I’ve BEEN called a Nazi.  I’ve been told that I support blood for oil, that my beliefs are archaic and that I’m a racist.  I’ve seen my God spit upon.  My beliefs mocked.  My heroes destroyed and my integrity impugned.  I’ve seen my country’s soldiers used and spit out for political gain.  I’ve seen marches and been told that dissent is the highest form of patriotism.  I’ve been told that everything I stand for and believe in is murder, greed and fascism.

3. Unlike Erick and Aglanon, Adamsweb has picked himself up, dusted himself off and is pitching his new Ben Stein vehicle, Waiting to Exhume:

Now, if conservatives are smart, we’ll see more films that feature labor unions as the bad guys. Such an effort would produce a situation where people would think, “So you work for the mafia?” when they introduce themselves as a leader of a union.

4. “Bill” wonders why Sarah Palin is the only person who makes any sense anymore:

Sure a lot was dumped on her during the campaign and there were some mistakes made. Let’s not forget the ratings generated by her convention speech and debate performance. Let’s also not forget the massive crowds she drew everywhere she went. The American people fell in love with Sarah Palin once and they will do so again on her terms, not those of a septuagenarian liberal & media sycophant going through the motions of his last gasp for the presidency.

5. “Kowalski” is very concerned that like Al Gore, Barack Obama is fat:

Those 1.8 million visitors left one heck of a carbon footprint, and by golly, they’re all going to pay for it in the next four years!

6. “Pilgrim” reminds us that Barack Obama is an American only because he has some white relatives and that all black people are jerks:

President Obama is the first American President ever whose brothers, sister, aunts, uncles, and grandmother are not citizens of the United States.  They are citizens of Kenya.  Nobody reporting on the inauguration of President Obama bothers to point out this first based on nationality of blood relatives.  Instead of nationality they focus on race, and they ignore a very important fact about race.  They ignore how it was the American side of Barack’s parents who cared for him, raised and nurtured him, and gave him the opportunity to one day become President of the United States.  These were white Americans who did the right thing.  The African side of Barack’s parents abandoned him as a baby.  This was a black African.

6. Mike “Defeat is” DeVine is not surprised that Tuesday’s inauguration was uneventful and bland, given that Obama’s election campaign was so boring he was barely elected by an insurmountable landslide:

The tepid response to Obama’s speech was the continuation of a trend that dates back to weeks and months before the election, interrupted only by the orgasmic reaction to his Election Night acceptance speech. This is the effect of a two year campaign filled with vacuous, meaningless hope and change rhetoric and human nature’s tendency to boredom with the same old, same old.


  1. Oh no. Redstate are coming. With cogent analyses like that, and razor sharp incisive thinking, the Dems and the Progressive Blogosphere really have a battle on their hands.

    They must be hunting the Snark.

    Bah. Idiots. Bigots. Grammatically challenged Buffoons and Poltroons, there only hope is increasingly shrill dog whistles to racism and xenophobia.

    All those great quotes you’ve amassed Douglas (and I hope you wore golf shoes) coalesce into one kinetic mental image: i.e. the picture of right wing Republican heads exploding.

    Love it. More please.  

  2. spacemanspiff


    To be more effective in 2009, we all need to do a better job organizing.

    No shit Sherlock.

    If you are interested in being a part of the Army of Redstate Activists in your state, please fill out the form below.

    RedState STRIKE FORCE Pictures, Images and Photos


    Are they serious? It’s like he’s trolling his own blog with a parody troll.

  3. Hollede

    Do they pay Mikka extra to be nice to him? I cannot believe the pugs latest talking points. Torture is ok. Ticking bombs. Non combatants. Not in my back yard. Jesus.

  4. fogiv

    …to enjoy this so fucking much?  Since the birth of baby Jack and the election of Obama, I’ve never smiled and laughed so much in my whole life.

  5. sricki

    And the beautiful sound of conservatives howling in outrage. I keep an eye on RedState, actually. It’s pretty funny, and it’s interesting to see what they’re “thinking” (if their well-practiced regurgitation of insipid and outdated talking points — gleaned from years of indoctrination under the study of Limbaugh, O’Reichy, and Hannity — can even loosely and charitably be considered “thinking”). But it’s nice to reassure oneself that they haven’t progressed beyond their compulsive, broken record-esque litany of stale ideas and ineffective catch phrases.

    Of course, the frequent displays of thinly veiled racism are always effective when you’ve been itching for an excuse to roll your eyes in disdain. From that Kowalski post:

    Hey ladies and gentlemen, we have a new President! And from what I’ve been led to understand, he’s a Black man! It’s been more than eight years since America had its first Black President, and I couldn’t be happier to see another person of color get elected to the highest office in the land this quickly!

    Stellar, RedStater! You got in a shot at Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and the African American community all at the same time! Three birds with one clumsily lobbed rock!

    Ahhhh, the smell of desperation in the morning (and afternoon… and evening…), it warms my heart.

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