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Will My Tubes Survive Competent Government?

Olbermann mentioned that bush took over a 1000 days of vacation over the past eight years. This works out to fully one third of his pseudo presidency.

Do you get the impression that times are a changing? I only hope that President Obama knows when to take a break.

Talk about hitting the ground running. I do wonder what the shrub said to President Obama in that note.

It will serve us well to remember all that bush has left us. We must face this, so it can never happen again.

MSNBC noted immediately that the flub was Roberts fault and the President waited for him to say it correctly. They also noted, correctly, that he could have taken a bath and he still would have been President at noon sharp.

Others seem a bit more hysterical. Does anyone watch these people anymore?

Wow. Just wow.

Biden got in a good one though.

All the news you may have missed this week. Don’t blink.

Going backwards as usual.

Ah, my sweet Onion. I must have some utterly silly nonsense every single day. Sometimes I even share.

It would seem that John Cornyn is the designated republican dick this week. He does it well.

Now it appears he will try to hold up Eric Holder’s appointment. What does he want? A promise that Holder will not investigate the bush pseudo administration for war crimes.

Wow. Just fracking wow.

My tubing is safe. There are still plenty of asshats out and about in our capital.


  1. sricki

    yes, even out of power, the Republicans will do plenty of things worthy of our scorn and derision. Frankly, I’m just enjoying the overall chaos in the party right now.

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