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I am filled with such a wide expanse of feelings today. This week has been personally difficult, triumphant (the first of many to come), exhausting, and unimanginably interesting. I have started at least ten diaries (which I cannot finish), and have been unable to comment on, or even read many of the latest posts.

Oh and Barack Hussein Obama will be sworn in as our President on Tuesday, January 20, 2009. And my joy and anxiety are propelled exponentially. I have even worried that the shrub would die before the transfer of power and Cheney would complete the final stage of the coup (yeah, I am that freaking crazy!)

So, what to do…what to do? Aha! Let’s make fun of someone who is even crazier than me :~D So on with the show and this is for you Ann, you obscene, but oddly wonderful, little psychopath.

I had almost forgotten about Ann, but she is back with a vengeance. Oh happy day, I really do like her.

I am not interested in looking up facts to dispute Ms Coulter, as I am certain that many energetic smarties will get it done. Personally I just find her flawed reasoning to be so completely self evident, it even comes through on a tube (or program) I would not normally post (except to make fun of).

There are a lot of scary people on the tubes and nets.

Regardless, even the little fellow in the corner (is it terminal? If so, my condolences to his family) could weakly come back at her. However it is Coulter’s own words that defeat her.

I will look forward to reading the well researched paper, pwning her with stats of the poverty rates of single mothers, and prison populations, and minorities, and…sigh. All I can say is duh.fuck.ann, how stupid do you think we are? Oh. Well, we are getting a bit smarter, aren’t we?