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"Hot Sarah Palin Calendar Just Released"

Newsflash from Human Events doh’t com.  And, yes, that is the actual subject line of today’s Newsmax spam.


So glad to see the Far Right evolving.  Way to honor the office of the Governor of Alaska that you respected so deeply only a few months ago.

Of course, along with providing political commentary Newsmax/Human Events also brings us Latest: Your Fat Cure for 2009 – Go Here Now (is that some sort of double entendre?).

Not be to outdone by itself, Human Events – home of such lucid commentary as that offered by Pat “Dick, don’t visit the Widow King” Buchanan – has a spam mail out referring us to a Free Webinar, titled: Fight Back Against Obama’s Socialist Tax Plan.

There’s nothing like bringing in the new year by cutting the government that nice big tax check. But don’t worry, it’s only going to get worse! The Obama regime begins in just a few short weeks. The agenda is set, and you can be sure it’s not set in your favor!

First order of business? Dramatic and unprecedented redistrubtion of wealth. But not just anyone’s wealth. Your wealth! It’s the “New New Deal”, and it’s a reality that we’re going to have to deal with.

errr, folks, have you read anything about the $300B tax cut that Obama is pondering?  Oh, sorry to disturb your ideology with, like, facts and things.  I know you’re promoting a “retired tax attorney”, so how could we doubt you, but f you are going to be the “Headquarters of the Conservative Underground” could you please be a little bit more, um, underground about it?  Like, deep in Carlsbad Caverns, perhaps?

But there’s one myth that exists in the minds of millions of Americans and small business owners: YOUR TAXES ARE GOING UP AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! Looking at the facts, it’s hard to believe otherwise. Businesses are struggling and doing business is just going to get more costly under the Obama Administration.

Yes, Mr/Ms. Retired Tax Attorney, that apparently is a myth, just like your qualifications to provide guidance on tax planning.

Meanwhile, at least half of registered Republicans are approving of Barack Obama.  Lifelong registered Republicans who voted for McCain in the primary switched to Obama for the general election after Palin chose McCain as her VP.

I hear, I think, a sheering sound.  It’s the Far (far) Right losing it’s grip on the future of the Republican Party.


  1. HappyinVT

    you also receive the “Reagan Laughs CD” whatever that is.  And, I wonder how many pictures there are of the poster child for abstinance-only education.

    Obama better serve a second term, ’cause Palin scares the bejeesus out of me.


    but that’s what scares the rightwing pundits.  If Republicans start noticing Obama is doing a darned good job under the circumstances, they might also notice how nonsensical the rightwing media’s spin is.

  3. Kysen

    You should all be thankful I don’t have your home addresses.

    Otherwise there’d be ‘Hot Sarah Palin Calendars’ hitting Moose Mailboxes coast to coast (don’t worry, Brit, I’d not forget about you).


  4. Hollede

    I picked my head up off of my chest and laughed heartily (while coughing)  at this bit by KO.

    In other words, someone higher up gave orders to hold off on the search until after the election. I just love Sarah Palin. She never fails to do the wrong thing.

    Sorry about not being around much lately. I am dealing with an awful case of pneumonia and have not felt much like posting, but could not resist this juicy piece of pre-scandal by our lovely nut job from the north.

  5. sricki

    what a pitiful start to the New Year. This calendar makes me want to hurt myself — badly. Or at least a few Republicans, but there are always a few of them I’d like to hurt.

    If the idea of purchasing one of those things wasn’t so bleeding offensive, my dad would be getting one from me for his birthday. As it is, I will let my mother take care of that — along with purchasing Ann Coulter’s most recent vitriolic dribble.


    In this day and age of rampant tv violence, war, an increase in the rate of violent crime in most of our major cities, an absolute need for gun control, not to mention the inhumane slaughtering of animal life, I find this “gun-toating” soon to be “ex-governor” and her calendar to be quite offensive. Why is it that when we need a message of peace and non-violence, Republicans are promoting this kind of sickening, lunatic tripe! Why? Why? Why?  

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