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  1. GrassrootsOrganizer

    This is politics afterall.  It’s supposed to be dirty and fun.

    I’m voting for “Annie Oakley” just because the delivery was better thus making it funnier, but I’m deeply torn.  (And I laugh out loud just about any time someone uses “Annie Oakley” appropriately in a sentence)

    Obama is more the natural dry wit while Clinton tends to try too hard.   Both observations were spot-on, but in one sense the “Messiah” comment was so much more daring and outrageous I almost want to give her extra points just for chutzpah.  

    One thing I’ll add to surely get this diary deleted — I always felt a healthy  respectful (almost sexual) tension between the two of them, like the relationship between Tom and Spike in the old Tom and Jerry cartoons.    I never thought they hated or even disliked each other.  (unlike their respective fans and mavens)  I thought they rather fed off the other’s energy.

    I had no trouble whatsoever imagining the two of them knocking back a couple Royal Canadian boilermakers  together at some Denver hole in the wall then taking the beer bottles out back for a little friendly competitive target practice at 3AM before fighting over the keys and who was driving to the IHop for pancakes.  


    Which reminds me of my fuck funniest personal moment of the election season — when someone on Mydd tried to assert that Clinton  was inescapably “elitist” because she opted for Royal Canadian, in which case all my uncles growing up were apparently in line for the throne of Poland, just waiting out their ascension at the K of C.    

    Good for you, Spiffy.  Brave move.  


  2. Deep in december

    It’s good to remember

    The kind of september…

    Though substitute January for December, and May for September.

    Oh the good old days. Politics is in many ways a competitive sport, and its fun to remember them both trading populist blows. Neither accusation has really stuck to either protagonist in the long run, though there’s some kind of essence expressed in both mythic figures (the fighter and the philosopher). Some kinds of framing are really ineffective.

    Somehow, it WAS effective to shift maverick to reckless. Perhaps it helped that it was true?

  3. I’d have to give the nod to Hillary for her Messiah routine, because that’s what it was, a routine. I wonder how much she rehearsed that bit before giving that speech?

  4. psychodrew

    I think they were both effective because they pointed to (perceived) weaknesses in both candidates.  For Hillary, it was pandering to voters.  For Obama, it was hubris.  Both funny, both effective, and my favorite should be obvious to all.

    Oh, and spiff, there is no reason to delete this.

  5. not least because of the Three Stooges aspects of both.  A good poke in the other person’s eye is always funny, however much we want not to be the other person.  Obviously, I took more pleasure at the time when it was my person doing the finger-poking, but someone has to be the fall-guy or you can’t have the jokes.

  6. HappyinVT

    because I didn’t find Hillary’s comment funny.  It poked as much fun at Obama supporters as it did at him.  I do chuckle at the Annie Oakley line, though, even if it wasn’t his finest moment.  (And, yes, I have a crush on the P-e.)

    Still no reason to pull this down, though, even if you are a bit of a trouble-maker.  (I went over to MyDD yesterday.)  🙂

  7. sanguine giant

    not great, I think that McCain at the Al Smith dinner was hilarious.  Can’t be bothered to find a Tube of it now (operating on 2.5 hours of sleep right now, damn lab is going to run me down before August).

    I mean the way that he was tweaking Obama was pure comedy gold.

    Just stopping in.

  8. sricki

    I chuckled harder at Hillary’s celestial choir bit by the way.

    Maybe because I didn’t enjoy it the first time around.

    Oh I’m sure you can guess that I always enjoyed it. ; )

    I think you might can figure out my answer on your own, but… **sigh** I guess I’m just predictable that way.

  9. for the entire primary.  But I’ll admit Clinton’s zinger was better, because beneath the scripted veneer it contains more than a kernel of truth.

    Annie Oakley was just a one-liner, like her lame Xerox crack.  Weak.

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