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Al Franken wins Minnesota Senate race

This is going to be a very short diary. I just received an email from the DSCC declaring victory in MN for Al Franken.

Here is the text of the email.

Good news from Minnesota: The recount is over, and it is now clear that Al Franken won the Senate election.

The state canvassing board has finished recounting all of the ballots and Franken now holds a lead of 225 votes.  The canvassing board is scheduled to certify Franken as the winner today.

It took a little longer than any of us thought it would, but the only reason the DSCC is on the cusp of winning eight seats this cycle is because of all of your hard work and dedication.  Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for victory.

To be clear, it is still possible that various legal issues will delay our victory.  But there is no longer any doubt as to the outcome.  Even if all the ballots Republican Norm Coleman claims were double counted or erroneously added were resolved in his favor, he still wouldn’t have enough votes to win.

Al Franken will be the next senator from Minnesota.

Thank you again for all your amazing support to help us win eight new Senate seats this year.  Bringing change to this country will require every one of our 59 Democratic seats.


J.B. Poersch

Executive Director

Looks like the Dems will have 59 seats with the two independents.


  1. rfahey22

    I’m a little surprised by the number that Coleman rejected, to be honest, though all parties agreed to count over 900 that had been improperly rejected.  I’m going to count that as a victory for myself.

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