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Will Smith is Barack Obama

Barack Obama and Will Smith Pictures, Images and Photos

Will Smith was born to play Barack Obama.

Barack Obama has revealed if he had his way, Hollywood star Will Smith would be cast as him in a movie of the Democratic presidential candidate’s life.

“Will and I have talked about the idea of him playing me because he has the same ears as me!” Obama told US TV show Entertainment Tonight.

“He would be perfect.”

Some of the more pop culture oriented remember when the P-elect famously joked about having Will Smith ears. I recently saw a 7 pounds press junket on ET Tonight in which the Fresh Prince said he was very interested in the project. It’s fairly obvious Big Willie is perfect for the role.

Just like nobody but Tina Fey could of played Sarah Palin.

Nobody but Will Smith could play Barack Obama.

So this got me to thinking.

For this first Barack Obama movie.

Who will play everybody else?

michelle obama Pictures, Images and Photos


David Axelrod Pictures, Images and Photos

David Axelrod.


David Plouffe Pictures, Images and Photos


Hillary Clinton Pictures, Images and Photos


You get the picture. I just thought of this and I’m going to have to think a bit on this one before I make my picks.

What do you guys think?  


  1. No idea for Michelle

    Rob Reiner as David Axelrod

    Matthew Broderick as Plouffe

    Meryl Streep as Hillary

    Will Smith would be awesome as Barack. He’s one of my favorite actors.

  2. …would make a great Michelle.

    That bloke from the West Wing with the beard would make a great Axelrod.

    (You can see I’m still in post festive mood and can’t google the names – sorry

    Totally agree with Indie that Matthew Broderick would be a great David Plouffe.

    And Emma Thompson HAS to be Hillary again.

    And as for Spacemanspiff, we all know who that should be played by:

  3. Michael Moore as Barack Obama

    Kathy Griffin as Michelle

    Niecy Nash as Hillary

    Bruce Campbell as Bill

    Gilbert Godfreid as Axelrod

    Brad Pitt playing “CB”, the bloglord

    (OK, the last one might be a good pick…)

  4. but not will smith (ive heard not-nice things about him)…  rather i think:

    obama:  terrence howard

    michelle:  angela bassett

    hillary:  joan allen

    plouffe:  the guy from chuck

    axelrod:  paul giamatti

    spacey:  piven (was there any doubt???)

    brit:  colin firth

    sricki: reese witherspoon

    blask: russell crowe

    ms indie: tommy lee jones

    fogiv:  george clooney

    chaos:  america ferrara

    psychodrew:  brad pitt


  5. GrassrootsOrganizer

    Not to argue with the man himself or anything, but I just can’t see Will Smith pulling of the Obama gravitas without seeming cocky, flip and superficial.  And I think to really own a character this huge one has to be somewhat of an unknown face.

    I’d like to see Mekhi Phifer.  

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