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Could the Republican Party Get Any More Out of Touch?

At a time when even such notable Republicans as Alexander Haig, Colin Powell and even Newt Gingrich are chastising the Republican Party for being out of touch with the American people, I find myself endlessly amazed at the opportunities my erstwhile cohort continues to provide for me to recoil from them.  One more good recoil and I will find myself behind myself.


Chip Saltsman – formerly the campaign chairman of the Mike Huckabee election effort, and also formerly a hopeful to replace Mike Duncan as chair of the Republican National Committee – sent a CD out to all 168 members of the RNC with the song “Barack the Magic Negro” on it.  The use of the song, by comedian Paul Shanklin and originally aired on the Rush Limbaugh show, raises the bar once again for incredibly stupid moves by major GOP figures.

I share it here for your enlightenment:

It’s not that the song itself is something that should not exist, it’s rather that the Republican Party leadership has become such a magnet for stupidity that bonehead moves like this one are even possible.  That a potential leader of the RNC would even dream of sending this out says more about the party than it does about Chipper.

Carol Tidwell Simpson, a college friend of Mr. Saltsman and fervent supporter (and a fervent opponent of, in her words, the “Chosen One”) even gets it in her comment today on the Draft Chip Saltsman facebook group (emphasis mine):

Nathan . . . . I’m about as big a Chip supporter as it gets. I’ve known him WELL since he was about 19 years old. We hung out in college together. We kept in touch as he worked for Gov Sundquist during the time I worked in a Frist TN office. But one thing many of us who have loved Chip and supported him for over 20 years through college endeavors and beyond agree on is: WHAT WAS HE THINKING??????? No, this is not just media bias. This was poor judgement on Chip’s part so close to the RNC election and the Inauguration of the so-called Chosen One. Not just in sending the CD . . . .but also in not understanding that he should issue a mea culpa. It will probably cost him the position. And that’s a shame because he has always had great leadership skills. The Admins will probably delete this post as they did my last one (I can’t wait to call Chip) but the folks who really support him will advise Chip to issue an apology, not a definition of the word satire. I know I will.

We hope the admins don’t delete your comment too, Carol.  We’ll keep a copy right here just in case.  You are right, though, it was poor judgment on Chip’s part.

But the bigger question is what would lead him to make such a poor judgment call?  Could it be that the Republican Party – who had more white faces per capita at its Convention this year than Fargo, North Dakota – just seems like the kind of place where that sort of thing just might be OK?  Could it be that the party that set all-time-low records in bringing in the non-white vote has fostered a tone where “Barack The Magic Negro” would seem like a good song to go out caroling with?

Chip’s vaunted leadership skills obviously are no match for his keen insight into political trends.  He is following the lead of the power brokers who have given us the Republican Party of 2008 with amazing fidelity.


  1. Michelle

    The more that members of the Republican party engage in acts such as these, the more cleansing can take place in that party to rid it of corruption and its stagnant ways.  It’s hard to get fresh blood into the scene when the rotting carcasses won’t leave.

  2. anna shane

    and one group of thugs.  They have no credible or ethical leadership, which we found out when they gave us candidate George and cheated to get him in office. There is a dearth of leadership everywhere, just think Israel and all the other unnecessary hot spots, and if it’s a virus, it’s spreading.

    But, I have a bone to pick with Barack (first one).  He needs to respond to world crises with his take on what’s going on and what needs to happen.  Hillary did that as a primary candidate and it worked to calm people down, knowing where she stood, and at first Barack followed that lead.  But, he’s now silent, and vacationing, and leaving it up to Bush. Hillary didn’t during the primary, she made her positions clear, and there is no reason for Barack to avoid making a statement, unless (which is what it looks like) he agrees that the Israelis can do whatever they like in the occupied territories.  

  3. HappyinVT

    said that he didn’t see anything wrong with the parody.  I’m not suggesting that all African Americans will see this as racist, but it make you think that he is as clueless as the rest of the Republican party, despite being one of the few non-white faces in the crowd.

  4. creamer

    And they are trying to use ethnic humor. Is there a plan here we don’t see?

    If you are a moderate republican, do you ask the bigots to leave? Do you finaly shout down the neo-cons ? I just don’t understand how a reasonable person can be part of that party.

    When Reagan was President I couldn’t understand why people bought what he was selling, but he didn’t embarass me. When Bush One was there he seemed like a man with no vision, but he had some sense of moderation. Even Gingrich was obviously intelligent, even if he is a turd of human being. But W, I’ve been embarrassed, ashamed and appalled at whats been done in our name. I find nothing redeeming about his presidency.

    He will be remembered as the best shoe ducking president that we’ve ever had.

  5. DennyCrane

    The Republican party hasn’t changed a bit, and it doesn’t look like they ever will. This is no different than my very own congressman calling Obama “uppity”. And the conservative talking ass (can’t remember which one) who said white folks need to start having more babies if they want to stay in power. We all know exactly what they meant, and we know what ole Chip meant, too. The brown people are coming!

    This is why we’re going to have 59 seat in the Senate.  They have no desire to broaden the reach of their party.  If they did, they’d be more Christie Todd Whitman and less Lynn Westmoreland and Saxby Chambliss.

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