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Busta Rhymes’s rap song “Arab Money” …

is very popular currently. But so are charges flying around about being a racist song….folks, please make up your own mind about the controversy………

Meanwhile, recently few underground bands hit the trail in North America. Here are few clips from StereoLab and The Editors. They are probably the best known secrets in the underground rock world..Stereolab is a Anglo-French Band who had been around since the early nineties. Stereolab are known for their guitars, percussions, Marxist overtones with French vocalist Sadier..listen to Peng!

Emergency Kisses by StereoLab

Wow and Flutter- StereoLab

The “Editors” are a Brit indie rock band formed early this century known for their dark guitar rocks…

Smokers outside the Hospital Door

Editors- Munich


Happy Listening..So what are you upto this dreary Wednesday night….?


  1. spacemanspiff

    I was ranting about Barack and Rick Warren and it turned into a short diary.

    Damn I love these music openthreads.

    Frontpage this please!

    I’ll throw a couple of latin tracks out there.

    Bachata is really big right now.

    A bit of salsa “pal bailador”.

    I hope more people share.

    I’ll be back after I do my thing.  d- -b

  2. louisprandtl

    recently. She is of SriLankan Tamil background, born in London. Her music is across various genres, which she states as the other…enjoy..

    Paper Planes

    Jimmy, Jimmy


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