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Tank God it’s Bleeping Friday Tubes ~ Open Tread of a Madwoman *UPDATED*

The Hollidays are for everyone!

Holy bleeping bleep balls. This bleeping dude is a bleeping piece of bleep. His swearing is so bleep bleeping offensive, the news people just can’t believe their virgin ears. They know what bleeping matters. I mean really, think of the bleeping kids for bleeps sake.

An oldie but goodie. Still seems relevant today.

Hot off my e-mail!

We got some great news in the last hour.

The state canvassing board has soundly rejected the Coleman campaign’s attempt to disenfranchise 133 voters in Minneapolis whose ballots were lost during the recount, unanimously deciding to count those votes. In addition, they urged Minnesota’s 87 counties to identify, open, and count absentee ballots that were wrongly rejected.

This is a huge win for us, because our position has always been the simple principle that every lawful vote should be counted. But there are still a lot of steps left ahead in this process, and the Coleman campaign is likely to bring a whole lot of political and legal muscle to re-double their efforts to stop the count.

We won’t let them – but we need your help. Your contribution of $25, $50, $100, or more will enable us to stand up for voters who did everything right but whose ballots were improperly thrown out. Just two days ago, we released a YouTube video featuring seven of those voters – and it’s already been viewed over 37,000 times

I might be updating if you are bleeping lucky. Oh and bleep you Holli De Groote, you bleeping bleep bleep.


the AP is reporting that Rahm Emanuel is not a target in the Blago investigation.

Another bleeping Update

It has been one bleep of a bleeping week. Friday December 12, 2008 in 100 bleeping seconds. Alright the whole bleeping thing is getting bleeping old so I will quit bleeping doing it, maybe.

Ooops! I almost forgot the bleeping tube. Heh.

Last UPDATE before bed (maybe).

Well, this week has been a bit strange. It seems as if most everyone is gone and I am entertaining myself with a few of my multiple personalities.

I figure people are still feeling some post election blues, busy~busy with exams, stressing over the state of the world and/or Christmas, and are perhaps in a bit of a shock over the recent bad news for Democrats, Illinois, and some of the possible blow-back on President-e Obama.

I say, worry not fellow Moosers. I feel very confident that President-e Obama, if he were here, would say

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

Thanks to Psychodrew and Michelle for the picture.

I hope everyone is well, and if I only entertain one person out there; helped them laugh a bit and maybe even made them feel a little better; then I don’t mind sharing with you, the diary of a madwoman.


  1. Hollede

    The news and talking bobble heads are wagging themselves into a frenzy over da Blago and any possible connection to President-e Obama.

    It will be very funny if/when they are proven wrong again. I wanna do a show that follows up on all of the talking bobble heads opinions: Matthews, Scarborough, Dobb, et al, and show that they are wrong more often then not. This ratio is getting worse for them since President-e Obama came along.

  2. Hollede

    is that the Obama team cannot say much as things are very sensitive as far as the investigation. I just noticed an update on MSNBC stating that Rahm is not being investigated. I do not see President-e Obama having any involvement at all.

    I have no idea about Congressman Jackson, but he is looking very sweaty right now. Time will tell, but that won’t stop the twittering.

  3. Holli De Groote

    It looks like John McCain is stealing your act.

    A snip from Hollede’s diary on Tuesday:

    Tuesday December 9, 2008 was one bleep of a bleeping, bleeped up day (in 100 seconds).

    John McCain on Letterman last night:

    You have been doing this since the Blago story broke.

    Peace sista!

  4. Hollede

    It’s called Fido and it is a very funny movie about the world after we win the war against the zombies. I am sort of a zombie movie freak, so it strange that I missed this one.  

  5. Hollede

    I love Dexter and if you are at all bent in the way I am, you will like it as well. It’s on Showtime, but has come out on all the stuff that you can watch shows on. I could write a diary about Dexter, as I think the acting, writing, direction, and cinematography are almost perfect. It is sick, creepy, funny, heart wrenching, and absolutely one of the most nail biting shows I have ever watched. So I told Eric I thought he would like the series.

    After he ordered it thru Netflix, he called me and told me I was one truly twisted little fucker. Now we kind of talk to each other like that anyway, but it took me by surprise, because I really had thought he would like the show. I flubbered for a moment, and then he started to laugh and said, “but I loved it”. He had gotten me but good and we both howled at his joke.

    Tomorrow, I am going to have to tell Eric about Fido. As I have repeatedly stated, I like very strange things, and if you do too, watch this movie. That probably makes me (and you) a truly twisted little fucker, but what the hell.

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