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You Keep it Cool Tubes **UPDATED**

I am loving the way they make fun of President-e Obama. Keep it cool.

Mmm, mmm, mmmmmm.

Just in case you missed anything important today, 100 seconds of all the best news you can use.

bush has called in his brain, to pull one more rabbit out of his hat, and try to save his legacy.

Good luck with that Karl.

TMPtv Sunday shows wrap up.

We just need a fun country to invade, so let’s make one up.

Keep it cool…

**Update** I really like versusplus.  They are actually getting me into the Chrismas spirit these days.

Who is pulling the strings?

This is a very, very sweet fairy tube.

I am Ani’s Prince(ss) Charming…I know, because she told me so.


  1. Hollede

    GM is dead. The banks in America are dead. The male gender itself may now be in danger. Quote “the male toolkit is under threat”, his words not mine.

    Who needs drugs?

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