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Groovin’ Thursday Tubin’ into Friday

Where is that darn bush anyway? Not that I really want him to do anything, except take the blame for all of his shame.

See, all it takes it good old American ingenuity. Afghanistan will be a peice of cake. Or is it an Onion.

The most wonderful time of the year!

Uh oh. Look out Colbert! You’ve got some bigtime competition.

Why does this attitude still exist?

You might get updates, so look out.

December 4, 2008 in 100 seconds.

Why do people kick you when you’re down on the floor?

Because you are so much easier to reach.

Ho-wa this week has gone by fast. December 5, 2008 in the time it takes me to get a new box of kleenex. Anyone else have the dreaded cough*snot*headache*tired* this week?

Damnit! I always figured I could use the pre-emptive war excuse if I really got into trouble.


  1. anna shane

    in today’s nyt on the Chinese trying get their own population to purchase crap, and having a tough time making the sell.  So, it’s up to us?  

  2. alyssa chaos

    Narcoterrorism. Novemeber is the deadliest month in MX because of cartels and drug violence. I grew up very close [on the US side] to one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico: Ciudad Juarez.

    Will an Obama Administration try a different approach to the cartels or will we continue the policies we have undertaken: throw money at it and hope it goes away.

    In my opinion, past US admins have taken bad approaches. We largely ignore the Border unless we are talking about NAFTA or immigration. Other than that we hardly give thought to the vast sewage problems [sewage runs in the streets], the femicides that occur there,the poverty. the corrupt gov, etc….We fight wars abroad yet ignore the one close to home, 5 minutes away.

    I cant see a solution. The cartels own the gov., so how can we continue to give them federal money? And anyone that isn’t in the cartel’s pocket either resigns or is killed.



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